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The Sixth North American Splatfest Will Take Place Next Weekend

The sixth North American Splatfest has been announced today, and this time the Squid Research Lab will be dividing the teams by people who prefer to travel by plane, and people who prefer to travel by car.

The Splatfest will begin on Friday, October 9th at 9:00 PM. Which side will you pick?



12 thoughts on “The Sixth North American Splatfest Will Take Place Next Weekend”

  1. I’ve never been on a plane before, but I know the pain of driving 9-12 hrs straight, staying somewhere, then in the early morning driving 9-12 more hours to your destination, and it sucks. So I’m going to go with plane.

    1. I actually stopped playing Splatoon right before the first Splatfest. I’ve been meaning to pick it back up again in a couple weeks, so maybe this Splatfest will be good to get me back into it.

    1. Unfortunately no, I don’t think they have. And I’ve also had the displeasure of learning that talking about the hacker on Miiverse somehow violates TOS even if you’re explaining what happens and are trying to warn players.

      Fuck off, admins- I’m doing more for players than you ever have.

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