The Carbon Roller Deco Will Be Arriving In Splatoon Today

Nintendo has announced that a new weapon will be released in Splatoon at 7:00 PM PT today. The new weapon is the Carbon Roller Deco, which is similar to the Carbon Roller but replaces the Inkzooka and Burst Bombs, with the Seeker and the Bomb Rush. It can be unlocked from level 13 and above. You can see some screenshots of the new weapon below:




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    1. Uhg, I can’t stand the Bamboozler. It’s terrible for turf wars, and I think that there’s other rifles that are much better.

      1. Takes two shots to kill. It’s an gun for skilled shooter know where their opponents are going. 1 full charge shot quickly fellow by a not so charged shot. I Fucking Badass IF you know how ti use it correctly

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