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DeNA West Boss Reiterates That Nintendo Is Announcing Mobile Game ‘Soon’

GamesBeat recently caught up with DeNA West chief executive officer Shintaro Asako during this week’s GamesBeat 2015 conference. Asako explained once again that Nintendo and DeNA will be announcing their first mobile game soon. It’s already been confirmed that the first game will be out by this holiday season so it doesn’t sound like we have got too long to wait.

“Soon, we should be able to announce the game.”



16 thoughts on “DeNA West Boss Reiterates That Nintendo Is Announcing Mobile Game ‘Soon’”

    1. You do know that the Mobile market doesn’t work that way (either 1-time payment or 100%) right? the only way for a mobile game to survive is through microtransactions, now what we should be asking for is that the game has microtransactions done RIGHT (Like LOL, TF2, Heartstone, etc.).

        1. And which ones give the more money while staying consistently good and have enough fame to gather millions of persons around the globe?

          Remember, this is Nintendo’s first mobile games, they must be a success for Nintendo to hold on this entirely new market or else they will lose a lot on the long run.

          Right now, a free to start game with microtransactions (well justified of course) seems like the best choice to go here.

      1. they could at least wait if they add there first mobile game until next year because thats what the NX coming out man wow so early.

        1. Your Friendly Neighborhood Robot

          They haven’t said anything about when it’ll release. And that doesn’t make any sense anyway

        2. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

          I’m glad the mobile userbase might get better treatment than the Wii U userbase. Least til they slam those poor suckers with micro-transactions up the ass.

          1. You do know that microtransaction are the only way that a mobile game can survive, righ? this isn’t a console, this is for casuals, the game has to be free so they can tell if they like the game or not and once the game has proven to be good enough then people will start to throw money at them (L}like with LOL, TF2 and Heartstone).

          2. Oh it’s bound to happen and now I’m starting to see a shitton more free shovelware with ripoff IAPs than paid games that actually have better quality and challenge that’s worth a damn and my bucks.

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        4. That’s an amazing move. Going mobile is essential, Nintendo needs to get all the iphone and ipad and android gamers on WiiU and 3DS. Exposing Nintendo games will result in people actually getting interested again in proper gaming. Nintendo will do the trick!

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