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Amazon Japan: Zelda Tri Force Heroes Pre-orders Come With Triforce Keychain


Gamers in Japan who decide to pre-order The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes with Amazon ahead of the game’s Japanese release on October 22nd are eligible to receive a triforce emblem keychain. Sadly this pre-order bonus has not been announced for the west yet, but I guess there’s still hope.

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4 thoughts on “Amazon Japan: Zelda Tri Force Heroes Pre-orders Come With Triforce Keychain”

  1. here are three codes for the demo of Trifoce Heroes, its just for anyone who didnt get them. If you already have them, dont be assholes and leave them for those who have to try it out. Also, these are North American Codes.


  2. Played it last night and it’s REALLY FUN!! The buttons on the bottom screen are SO helpful! The connection was really good as well. Sometimes I played with someone who just had the crappiest Internet, but usually the connection was rock solid! The puzzles are really neat, and there’s a very good sense of teamwork. At first I was like “no voice chat, this is gonna suck” but 90% of the time the buttons on the touch screen are enough to get your point across. And when there not, I just call them over and show them what to do, and if there not idiots, they usually catch on really quickly. The difficulty felt perfectly balanced. Not to hard to where it’s impossible, but not too easy to where your just bored. Over all i’d say my experience of the game was a 9/10!

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