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The Nintendo Mobile Title Could Be Revealed Next Week

Respected news publication The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Nintendo’s and DeNA’s mobile title could be unveiled next week. Nintendo is due to report its earnings on Wednesday and speak to investors on Thursday, so next week would be the perfect time to lift the lid on the mysterious title.

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48 thoughts on “The Nintendo Mobile Title Could Be Revealed Next Week”

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        1. I hate using my phone or tablet for stuff like this. I appreciate the suggestion though, thanks.

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            1. I told you I like to write and read, lol.

              So I can burn through a lot of text easily, and I’ve always been fast at the keys. I can’t say the same for a mobile keyboard, and the feedback throws me off, I’m just so used to a PC keyboard. And most should know by now, when I try to make a point, I do just that with great effort.

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                        1. If this news turns out to be true then I think it will be ok to believe the rumors that the Wall Street Journal reported about the NX’s power. For years the Wall Street Journal has been very credible and informative so this report about Nintendo annoucing their first DeNA mobile game is certainly believable

                          1. They only saying that because of the release earnings and investor meeting. Anyone can come to that conclusion. This is not a rumor, they speculating that it could be revealed.

                          2. My concern at the point would be the price, obviously. If all this is true, and the NX is pushing even the best PC equipment, then how are they going to factor all this in manufacturing.

                            It isn’t like the PS4 and Xbox One are using the best of the best, and they could still be considered a bit pricey when they first launched. Power can draw a crowd and devs, but at the same time a high price point can be damaging if not enough are willing to bite.

                            It will be interesting to see how it all pans out, that’s for certain. Hopefully for the best.

                              1. Idk the Xbox 360, and the PS3, the N64, the SNES, to my knowledge were all pushing the power of PCs in there day. Of course computers hadn’t really blown up like they have these days.

                                1. For sure, but it didn’t last long. I’ve said this myself the same numerous times, and how close they were and even sometimes better.

                                  Thing is good chips and gpu’s cost a pretty penny these days, they used to be a lot cheaper. So when that is being said now, you have to wonder how expensive this console will end up being if that’s the case.

                                  1. Industry leading chips does not mean the best out there. It is the chips most manufacturers are producing. At one point or may still be the iPhone is\was the industry leading smartphone. It doesn’t mean it’s the best but mean what the industry is using the most.

                                  2. Do you know how financially stable Nintendo is? If the rumors are true about the NX’s power and even if it doesn’t take off right away they could still afford to take a substantial loss especially given by the tons of money they will most likely make off of their mobile venture. And speaking of mobile look at the insane prices that new generation IPhones and Samsung Galaxy S-series phones go for and are they not the best selling smartphones in the world? I know you can’t really compare a smartphone to a gaming console but similar rules do apply and that’s if enough hype is generated and the power and the technology is impressive and in the NX’s case the launch games too then a lot of consumers will still buy it. We will see at next year’s E3 how the story unfolds but I do think it’s time for Nintendo to usher in the next generation of gaming

                                    1. Would they want to is the question, after the Wii U? Especially with the reputation their console sector has gained over the years, I don’t think they want to take another loss.

                                      I’m hoping they come out guns blazing, and even if the system is expensive, they have the games at launch to make it very appealing. Also very true about mobile, but consoles just aren’t selling like that anymore and I wonder if they ever will again due to how well smartphones sell. And they’re only getting better, and the smartphone craze definitely is not dying down in any way.

                                      It’s all in Nintendo’s hands, if they do mostly everything right, it should be fine no matter what happens.

                                      1. Yea but Nintendo is extremely financially secure. They have billions in the bank and can afford to lose a bit of money on there consoles, especially because if you can sell enough games you can make it all back and gain a profit. As for their reputation, they’re currently known for being weak and outdated, as well as for kids. If they show that they’re not those things, it can turn there reputation right around. (Not that I think that Nintendo is only for kids or anything, but that is the general consensus.)

                                        1. Just because they have money in the bank, doesn’t mean they’ll go around throwing it out of the window. They’re still a business, and the goal of a business is to make money. The amount of money they have at certain point is irrelevant to their objective of creating as much profit as possible.
                                          You probably have an idea about how much money Apple must have considering their popularity, but you don’t see their products getting any cheaper either, just because they’re “financially stable”. The same could be said about all kinds of other companies. (Not trying to say Nintendo’s products are/will be overpriced, just giving examples that the financial stability often has no relevance whatsoever to the affordability of a company’s products).

                                          Thinking it’s possible for Nintendo to sell their console at a significant loss just to deliver a strong system is, in my opinion, kinda naive.

                                          1. No one is saying they’ll be willing to throw it out the window, what me and Batman are saying is that they have ways of making up for the losses of a potentially powerful console and one of those ways is the shitload of money they will most likely make off of their mobile content that would offset those losses.

                                            I don’t get you at all. First you say Nintendo needs to get with the times and deliver a powerful console with the same architecture as their competitors and with ample 3rd party support and now you’re saying that it wouldn’t be in their best interest to make it real expensive and not to sell it at a loss when this has been the case with Sony and Microsoft’s consoles for years. And what’ll do think will happen if they decide to take your advice and not make it that powerful just so they can price it competitively with the PS4 and Xbox One? I’ll tell you what will happen, they’ll be left behind again, ignored by 3rd parties…..AGAIN and people like you will criticize them saying they’re out of touch with gaming…….AGAIN.

                                            If the rumors turn out to be true about the NX being really powerful it would be a step in the right direction for Nintendo. Whether you want to believe it or not a powerful next gen console that’s hyped up and easy to develop for would certainly attract 3rd parties and they are needed more than ever now for Nintendo platforms to avoid droughts especially since Nintendo themselves are saying it’s hard for them to their games out on a timely manner but we shall find out next year what will happen

                                            1. Making a console super powerful is absolutely no guarantee for it to sell well. That’s why I would consider it “throwing money out the window” if they happened to make a system that has considerably powerful hardware but sold at a low price point. For them to make a system like that turn profitable would probably take a while, even if it sold well.

                                              And yea, I do want them to catch up with the times, but the only way for them to do so isn’t by making a very powerful console that would normally need to be rather expensive or, as you suggested, sold at a loss if it’s supposed to be affordable. They can do it by offering similar services as the competition, preferably better services, even. But yea, just pumping significantly strong hardware into it might not do it, as people, myself included, might not want to pay 500+ for it; and a significantly strong system to be sold for an affordable price simply seems unlikely to me, no matter how rich the company is.
                                              And no, people wouldn’t criticize them for offering hardware that’s maybe not the best possible, but still very good and better than what the competition offers, and perhaps even able to keep up with what the competition is going to come up with as their own entries for the next gen.
                                              The rumours suggested quite strong hardware for the NX which simply couldn’t be sold for cheap, is what I’m trying to say.
                                              Seems like it’s either black or white for you, without anything inbetween. So basically, it can only be either too weak or super strong, according to the impression I’m getting from you. But that’s not the case. You seem to forget that the PS4 and XB1 are 2 years old already, and by the time the NX comes out, they’ll be at 3+ years, which means their hardware will be outdated even more than they already are, and therefore, worth less than what they were at launch. Nintendo selling their next system for $400 in 2017 (it’s just an example, not saying it’s truly gonna come in 2017) would already mean their console would be more powerful than the XB1 and PS4, because you can’t really expect hardware that was worth $400 in 2013 to be similarly strong as hardware that costs $400 in 2017, there’s obviously going to be differences in performance. And I really don’t see why I would call them out of touch for doing that, regardless of the fact that I don’t believe being out of touch is heavily related to the hardware of a console. So you’re kinda putting words in my mouth there.

                                              And yes, I agree, offering powerful hardware would indeed be a step in the right direction, but the hardware being what could be considered very high-end would probably not. It’s still a gaming console, not a PC, after all. And even if Nintendo really did sell it at a loss for the sake of power, they would need to work hard on hyping it up and secure 3rd-parties and even exclusives – as I’ve said, power alone is no guarantee for it to sell well, or secure all those things.
                                              But yea, I definitely want it to be powerful, have a lot of support from other developers and be with the times in terms of services offered, such as a pleasant online multiplayer experience, for example. All we can do at this point is wait, and I’m definitely really looking forward to their official announcement next year.

                                              Side note: I had to write this in a rush and didn’t have time to proof-read either, so I’ll take this moment to apologize for possible mistakes and incomprehensible sentences, hah.

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                                          4. i guess the company are doing it early and they will show it next week first off i wonder what will the bits of the NX title look like.

                                          5. Yep, this’ll go exactly like I expected: The Investors Meeting happens on the 28th in Japan, a Direct happens announcing the mobile game that launches the same day, notes from the meeting are released sometime that week.

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