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GAME Runs Out Of Gift Cards As Branch Manager Accidentally Orders Them All

If you were browsing the internet yesterday you may have heard speculation that UK video game retailer GAME were once again in financial difficulty. The speculation arose when people complained that they were unable to get the money for the items they traded in on a gift card. Well, it appears as though the reason why the GAME gift cards were so difficult to get hold off was because one branch manager accidentally ordered all the gift cards. This has led to all kinds of problems for the stores as they are having trouble rerouting them to other stores.

“I tried to trade some stuff in last week and was told that I couldn’t put it on a gift card because there were none. I asked why (instead of assuming they were going out if business) and was told that a manager somewhere had accidentally ordered ALL THE GIFT CARDS and they were having trouble rerouting them to other stores.”

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12 thoughts on “GAME Runs Out Of Gift Cards As Branch Manager Accidentally Orders Them All”

    1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

      Wow. First it’s the customers accidentally ordering too much of the same product & now it’s an employee!

      I hate seeing comments like these but this is one time I’ll make an exception (use CTRL+F to skip what is coming next by searching Skip 2):


      (Skip 2) This is fucking pathetic! lol Fix your fucking shit, GAME!!

    2. well thats a load of old rubbish, i tried to trade in my Wiiu last week in the Didcot store and was told they could not put it on a gift card as the main supplier had gone bust.
      if the headline is actually true how stupid can a manager (or company) be,
      mind you judging by the Dicot manager very!!

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