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Nintendo Wanted Rare To Make Another Bond Game But Rare Declined

We all know how popular GoldenEye was on the Nintendo 64 so it is not surprising that Nintendo wanted Rare to tackle another game based on a James Bond film. However, the studio turned Nintendo down as they were not really sure that they wanted to. They were happy with GoldenEye 64 and the critical acclaim that it achieved. GoldenEye designer Martin Hollis says the he was more interested in making a game based on a woman inspired by Nikita. As we all know this idea turned into the successful Perfect Dark.

“I thought about this and was not sure I’d really want to. We had a small chat, three or four of us on the team. It was like, ‘No’. We sent the message back, ‘The answer is no. We don’t plan to make another Bond game from another Bond film’. And that was it.”

“It must have grossed, I don’t know, $400m or something. You might’ve thought that on a commercial basis someone at Nintendo, even lower down or higher up or whatever, would’ve said, “Well, are you sure?”, but out of respect for the creator and the importance of the people who actually made the game, that was it.”

“I wanted to make a game that starred a woman. Partly it was Nikita, the film by Luc Besson, and also Dishonored, a 1930s movie starring a spy who was a woman, and a general sort of sensibility that I thought it would be interesting to have a woman be the centre of attention. We constructed this character, to the very best of our ability, to be the centrepiece of the game.”

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10 thoughts on “Nintendo Wanted Rare To Make Another Bond Game But Rare Declined”

  1. I think that has more to do with games being modded in an improper way, and also how oversexualized the character is made.
    A character who is female, doesn’t need to be almost naked to make it a great game.

  2. I REALLY don’t get the “Microsoft ruined Rare Ltd” comment when Rare Ltd (let’s face it people) has been a pain-in-the-ass even during its glory days.

  3. Thank goodness. I loved Perfect Dark. I thought it was even more fun than Goldeneye (although I loved Goldeneye as well.)

    1. WOW! That’s too bad because I would’ve loved itif RARE did another James Bond Adventure.
      But don’t get me wrong…PERFECT DARK was the *ISH!!
      I just wish they made another Bond video game.

    2. Nobody could EVER turn me into a first-person shooter fan. I get SO sick of always hearing people name Goldeneye 007 in their top favorites lists. I never understood it. I played it once, and hated it just as much as all FPS games. BUT……….first person shooters make me extremely motion sick as well. I’ll never forget how sick I got when playing Doom 64 back in the day. Never again!

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