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Pachter: “Nintendo Has No Chance To Be Successful In Consoles This Holiday”

Everyone’s favourite video game industry analyst Michael Pachter has given his two cents about what to expect from the industry this holiday season. He believes that the PlayStation 4 price cut won’t really make much difference at all and if Microsoft wants to beat Sony then they will need a price cut for the Xbox One. His analysis of Nintendo’s chances this Christmas appear to be pretty bleak.

“Nintendo has no chance to be successful in consoles this holiday,”

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99 thoughts on “Pachter: “Nintendo Has No Chance To Be Successful In Consoles This Holiday””

      1. Yes he has a point but do we really need a analyste to say that i think everybody know that nintendo’s holleday line-up pretty weak is the only thing that maybe can save them is a DLC-character for smash bros

        1. No, we don’t need too, but why not right? It’s still decent information I suppose to know what people are oficially thinking and gives us a medium to discuss it. I’m definitely expecting Smash DLC characters before the year is up and I personally think that it will be 2 of them given how long we’ve been waiting.

          1. That your look on it personly i find it pointless to talk about somthing that everybody know’s on the moment also i think just 1 character it takes time to choose and make a character

            1. Yes, but it gets clicks and ad revenue. Also, by having it up, you have the option to comment on the article or ignore it. Once it’s up, you can’t help but comment so it’s a financial success.

              As for the characters, I think you’re overestimating how long it takes to make a character. Not to mention that they were likely already working on it before the ballot ended. They just like to hold them back to create a show. No way Mewtwo took nearly as long as they hinted.

        1. Burnt Toast isn’t the same as regular Toast! One holds its own against competitors and the other one lives on, but without much demand. That’s where I’d say Nintendo is. They’ll make enough money to get by and are still doing better than the others in the longrun.

    1. I’m guessing Nintendo will eventually say things about it, but I doubt they would announce the full results right away. They’re probably going to slowly announce each DLC character as they’re ready.

        1. True but outright saying they don’t have any chance this Holiday season is overdoing it with Splatoon and Super Mario Maker. They’ll be just fine if they advertise those 2 well enough. Plus Xenoblade X as well

          1. I respectfully disagree just on the basis of Nintendo holding their own. Sure, they’ll make some sales. It’s literally impossible not to sell some games during the holidays, but it just won’t be anywhere near Microsoft or Sony’s. It’s not a bad thing per say, but it’s almost a fact that they will have the lowest new sales for Christmas. Splatoon and Mario Maker have sold monster numbers so far which is a good thing, but also means that the Christmas bump will be marginal at best. Nintendo needs some kind of shocking announcement to hold their own this Christmas and I don’t see it happening.

          2. Let’s be honest, only dedicated fans will be buying Xenoblade X. It’s not going to be marketed because this is Nintendo we’re talking about, and given the first game’s sales, the fact that it’s a JRPG (which doesn’t perform optimally in America, since it’s a “niche” audience), and also given the Wii U’s current sales, I doubt that it will perform well at all. Am I getting it? Yes, but that doesn’t mean everyone else will. (Also, I hope it does well, but I’m just saying that this is most likely what will go down.)

  1. Oh, looky here a guy got payed to say this. he Forgot Wii U titles:
    Wii U Exclusive Holiday:
    Xenoblade Chronicles X
    Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash
    Devils Third
    Xbone Exclusive Holiday:
    [Timed Exclusive, Tomb Raider Rise of the Tomb]
    Halo 5: Guardians

    Who’s dumb now :>.

    1. To be fair, Halo is a name that moves, maybe not as much as when Bungie helm the IP, but its a juggernaut none the less. Mario Tennis, has really been a mover, Xenoblade (as much praise as the series gets) it’s a niche title, and devils Turd, I mean come on, are you seriously going to bring that up in comparison to Halo?

      And I don’t even like Halo, its a boring series but I can admit what a dominant name it is.

          1. I really don’t like Halo, I’ve tried the original and got bored, the game felt to floaty and the recoil was bad, the only game with worse recoil is Killzone 2. I have played H4 but never finished it (got it Free with Games With Gold) I got bored right away. Pretty game though, just not for me.

            1. Agreed, Halo sells consoles and has a massive fan-base, but I also found it boring and kinda bland…now Gears of War… I’m getting the trilogy… ;D

              1. I actually feel the same way about gears. I try to get into it and always end up giving up. Such a shame because it does look interesting but I always hated the sprinting. They look like fucking buggys running, sort of like when Bowser runs in Smash. And then you can’t even properly turn while running.

              1. Lol no that was genuine, I would’ve called it a turd if I really felt it was a turd. It actually looks like a decent fun game though and I won’t knock it until I play it.

    2. Mario Tennis Remake #7 when 3DS just got their game. Devil’s Third? No longer interested by anyone. Xenoblade? I’m pretty sure the hype too has worn down and knowing Star Wars 7 hype, people are gonna forget about Xenoblade indefinitely.

            1. And Mario 3D World..and Mario Kart 8 for ditching and degrading Battle Mode..and Animal Crossing turned into another MP10 and Star Fox remaking itself for the third time. And don’t even fucking get me started on that shit Federation Force…

                1. It’s not free if they charge this crap along with an Amiibo for Microtransactions.

                  And that’s exactly the point and the problem. It’s not even AC nor the game fans wanted; once again shamming fans with shit in their face.

                    1. I’m calling it what you idiots see it so you wouldn’t say that kind of shit but of course, no matter how I explain it, you fucks always wanna manipulate yourselves to believe and hear what you want. Ignorance is a bitch, not a bliss. You get that shit straight.

                1. SF is just another remake of the old game. No different story or gameplay which is also exactly the same. Look at the comparison videos.

                  And I can’t believe you are even tolerating that FF garbage. It is NOTHING, I repeat, NOTHING like Metroid/Prime PERIOD.

                    1. You’re obviously giving that crap more credit than it “deserves”. It’s not Hunters which is twice the Metroid game it is not it isn’t Prime Trilogy which is beyond epic and evolutionary of its kind.

                      I hope that shit FF burns even before it comes to light to taint the very reputation of Metroid.

                        1. First of all, that shit is not a spin off if 1. Metroid Prime and it’s FPS gameplay isn’t considered “spin off” because it still has the same core elements of shooting aliens and exploring labyrinths/planets. Metroid Prime Pinball is what you call a “spin off” because it breaks the traditional formula with a different one. Tell me smartass; is FF Pinball or Metroid Prime? If you answer either, you’re both wrong. It’s not a respectable Metroid feel or even a decent spin off. It tried to be MP but fails so fucking hard that it makes stupid kids look smart.

                                  1. what the heck are u talking about? are u retarted oh what? nintendo is the one MAKING THE GAME so obviously if they say its a spin off then its a spin off , your not the one who decides get that through your skull

                                    1. Just like when it’s their call to make Metroid Prime “non canon” and pissed off many when the games actually took place between the main story lines? Try again.

                                    1. And they did and then stupidly change that wig Other M shitting on everything great about Prime and Samus, making Retro and the creator’s work all but a giant waste of time. Why you think more fans are leaving and hating Nintendo right now?

                                      Only you retards wanna take any BS they pull because you’re blind ass fucktard fans that’s no different than the next fucktard fanbase.

                                        1. No shit. I’m talking about your stupid as calling it a “spinoff” and Nintendo calling Prime Trilogy “non canon” when you’re both heavily wrong, just as stupidly wrong as Patcher when he opens his mouth.

                                                1. Prime (except Pinball) is not a spinoff because it shares the same core gameplay but in different perspective you idiot. That’s like calling Super Mario 64 a spinoff because it’s not in 2D. Both 2D and 3D shares the same play in different dimensions. If Metroid had a RPG game, that would be a spinoff because the gameplay is different from the traditional roots. Prime Hunters is clearly not a spinoff but a side story from the chronicles. *facepalm* Morons…

                              1. Way to state the obvious Patcher. Who knew the one time you would say something true is the one time it’s the most obvious thing in the world. Thanks to Starfox being delayed Nintendo killed their holiday season once again.

                              2. Making a decent profit=successful. Nintendo will be “successful” this holiday. Beat PS4 and/or XBone? Of course not. If this is what being an “analyst” is all about then any one of us could be one…

                              3. In the home console space? Of course not, it’ll be sitting in a corner while mommy and daddy fight.

                                In the handheld space? Lol I mean come on, Nintendo could piss on its fans, call us all faggots, and flip us the bird, and they would still win the hand held space this holiday. Whose going to give them a challenge? The Vita? XD come on patcher, the Ngage has a better chance of outselling the 3DS this holiday season. XD

                              4. Gee we really needed him to point that out for us huh? Why does this old fart still have a job? The few times he’s right it’s so obvious even a 5 year old could make the same prediction. If Nintendo was onto their schedule they would have had Starfox AND Zelda U out this holiday. That’s pretty bad yeah, but they delayed them for good reasons. HOPEFULLY. We don’t need Sherlock fucking Holmes to explain the situation we already know.

                                1. We have to be realistic, the U was definitely not successful. It’s done as the replacement is already in the pipeline.

                                  Microsoft listened to its customers, something Nintendo should learn.

                                  1. I agree the Wii U has had a boatload of problems, and not nearly enough third-party support for most people to care about it, or trust buying it. As much as I hate to admit it, it’s probably my least favorite Nintendo console, simply BECAUSE of all the problems it’s had. Even though it has some awesome games (currently playing and “LOVING” Yoshi’s Wooly World. Thank goodness it allows the Pro Controller). There just isn’t ENOUGH.

                                    BUT…..people keep talking like Nintendo (as a whole) is failing, or in danger of failing etc. Couldn’t be further from the truth. Just the amiibo alone is raking it the cash. Nintendo knows the mistakes they made with the Wii U. And I’m confident that they won’t allow the same mistakes again. I only hope I’m not let down with the NX. I have high hopes for it.

                                    1. Yeah, between Amiibo and setting foot into mobile, they should be fine. They’re going to lose their old-school hardcore fanbase, but that’s not a concern for them.

                                1. I don’t know about absolutely nothing, but it is still quite bleak. Their last real heavy hitter still to come is Xenoblade Chronicles X, but it’s kind of a niche game and 95% of its audience will be those who played XC on Wii or New 3DS, and those numbers aren’t all that impressive either.

                              5. It doesn’t take an ‘Analyst’ to determin that Nintendo’s Holiday Line Up is lackluster, to say the least. Yes, Pachter is right, but even a broken clock is right 2 times a day. Pachter=Captain Obvious.(This one time)

                              6. The loss of 3rd party support really hurt the Wii U (among other things).
                                Sony & M$ don’t have a big list of top tiered exclusives. But what they do have is STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT among other 3rd party titles. That Nintendo doesn’t have.

                                I really thought those great games they’ve released would’ve pulled them well out the fire. But…it looks like all that can save Wii U this year is that MUCH NEEDED PRICE DROP!!

                                Here’s to $249 to (I would scream & shout if they dropped it to)


                              7. They made a mistake by not having any big titles coming out. Star Fox isn’t coming this year, Zelda U wasn’t even shown, and the Animal Crossing and Metroid titles coming out aren’t main-series games. Next year will be better with the 20th anniversary of Pokemon.

                              8. If Nintendo wanted a successful holiday, what they should have done is added all the smash bros characters into mario tennis. After all, it is called ultra SMASH. For more success. They could make the characters unlockable by their amiibos.

                              9. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

                                *claps* Bravo, Pachter! You’re finally a real analyst! Oh wait! You simply stated the obvious! NEVERMIND!!! …still a moron…

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