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Check Out This Live-Action, LARPing Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Video

Nintendo never stops surprising me with what they put out on YouTube — their latest upload is seemingly an advertisement for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, a game release on Nintendo 3DS in February of this year. The twist? The video focuses on live-action role-playing children as they take down a huge monster. I doubt that this video will ever make it to TV screens, but then again this is Nintendo — who knows.


      1. I’m resisting the urge to get it because I don’t want the series to stagnate technically by limiting itself to the 3DS (seriously, I love the games on the system, but the portable itself is underpowered as hell).

        I would have bought it gladly if it looked at least as good as MH3U, but I guess this is the price to pay for online multiplayer.

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      2. Back in my days Monster Hunter were better on PSP than PS2!

        But srs, better framerate on New 3DS. Can vouche for that! And I’m still waiting for Monster Hunter Frontier!!!


      3. You can’t be serious.
        I guess those textures, sinxe they come from a 480p Wii game, are a fine middle ground. Not too bad on Wii U and quite good on 3DS.
        However, 4’s textures would look horrible on any TV. I can’t even imagine it.


      4. That would be the day.
        I doubt it’d look much different than 3U, since the MH team invests a much larger portion of the budget in animation (seriously, the animation in the MH series is crazy) than in textures and overall graphical polishing. My guess would be that we’d get a similarly looking title, only with more new content than 4 and many already used content from 3U (it’s there anyway, why not use it?).


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