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The Final Free Pack Of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate DLC Is Now Available

If you are a fan of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate then you will be pleased to learn that the final DLC pack is now available absolutely free courtesy of Capcom. You will get additional arena quests which feature the formidable foe, Deviljho. There is also the ability to craft the super powerful GX armour. If you are new to the series, or have just picked the game up, you can download all the prior downloadable content for free too. If this piques your interest then be sure to check out the trailer above for all the juicy details.

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  1. For a company that loves pocket checking their fans they sure have been nice to Nintendo gamers, 3DS gamers to be more exact, but still, we’ve been getting Quest like crazy.

    1. Although with the lack of underwater hunts i have to agree with you. I prefer the 3rd one but the 4th one was fun

  2. I agree with Demigod, still a bit of a shame the One Piece DLC wasn’t localised but guess you can’t have them all huh.

      1. yeah was a shame Demigod they had that dlc but i was excited for that myself to behonet it was the sole reason i got it as i wanted Zorro’s swords

  3. If I got this game now, it’d probably suck up most of the gaming time that could be spent on PS4 awesomeness. I waited way too long to get MH4U that I’ve lost a bit of interest now. Shame, really, because it’s multiplayer is fun when you partner up with the right people that don’t take it seriously & try more to have fun than be competitive assholes.

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