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Graphic Comparison: Twilight Princess HD Vs. Twilight Princess

Only hours after today’s Nintendo Direct, there have been many doting comments regarding the graphics in the newly announced The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD. The accusation? The graphics look exactly the same. Well Youtuber Ninten2TV has made a trailer comparison video to try and calm the dissent. Check it out below — what do you think of the improvements? (Make sure to full screen, full resolution via the YouTube page).

Thanks, Batman!

106 thoughts on “Graphic Comparison: Twilight Princess HD Vs. Twilight Princess”

        1. A bit lazy if you ask me. We can already play Twilight Princess on the Wii U. They should have just patched the Wii version so that it can be upscaled to 1080p, rather than charging us full retail price for what is essentially a port of a gamecube game. This, like what many game companies today are doing, feels like a cash grab.

          1. Exactly. I really see the difference. The textures and the lighting are more refined in the Wii U version as oppose to the GameCube version

          1. The problem is that MNN didn’t post this video in HD. This is just a standard definition video, so we really don’t get to see the game in HD using the video MNN provided….

            I think if you post a comparison video it needs to be in HD, otherwise what’s the point?

              1. The video shows based on what your previous YouTube settings were. If you generally watch videos in SD, it will come up in SD. If you watch in HD, it will launch in HD. If you watch in 144p, etc..

                We don’t control your YouTube settings.

                1. I watch all my videos in 720p. The video still shows up in standard definition, with no option to upgrade. However I generally visit this site on my iPad. Maybe that’s the problem.

                2. I’ll be happy if they just clean up the jaggies and add a littlr more texture.

                  This is my favorite Zelda, and for me, if a remake just makes it playable again, I’ll be happy. Hell, I can’t even play skyward sword anymore because it looks god-aweful on my large HD TV. :/ And I’m one of the few that really enjoyed it.

                  1. I’m just hoping they clean up character models a little bit. The main characters look fine as is, but it annoyed me how blocky everyone still looked in the scene where they’re all fading in the twilight…

                    1. By the way… If you’re “All over it.” – that would be amazing. Skyward sword needs to be HD compatible. I would totally play it through twice (regular and hero mode) again if it didn’t look like shit on my TV. Pleaseeee be real.

                  2. I think people are a little disappointed still with these graphics since it isn’t that whole wow factor wen seeing the trailer. As in, there isn’t as noticeable of a difference between the two games compared to the difference of Wind Waker HD. Some people say “Oh they have 4 months or so to flesh it out” I am pretty sure that isn’ t how the game development world works. This isn’t bad by any means but it could have done more instead of what seems to be a simple lighting improvement and slight texture enhancement. I hope they have added features to compensate for the underwhelming graphic “Overhaul”

                    1. No, your just not seeing it in HD. Go look up TP in HD on Youtube and make sure your settings are set to 720p or higher. You will see a vast difference.. The video provided in this article is not HD compatible.

                      1. It plays in 720 for me — should be fine as long as your settings are defined as such, but typically YouTube auto-selects what it feels works best on your PC.

                      2. it’s exactly how game dev works. For all we know this trailer was based on month’s old work. They will need to have this completed by January at latest. That gives them at minimum 2 months to do nothing but add lighting and textures. It appears that the bulk of it has been done but the finishing touches are in progress. Star Fox Zero is currently going through this very thing. Difference is TP HD can be prettied without too much time needed to test it over and over again like Star Fox. By the time it releases this will look great and all these idiots claiming it looks like crap today will just say “well they probably were able to polish it between the Direct and release” So annoying

                        1. Considering WWHD was only in development for 6 months, I can totally see a greater improvement then what is here now. Though if not I’m happy with what we have.

                      3. Either this is a testament to how good the game already looked on the Wii/Gamecube, or they’re not trying hard enough to up the ante. Either way, it’ll be nice to play this again.

                        Can’t believe TP’s already almost 10 years old, and OoT 20…

                      4. People are complaining it’s not Windwaker level of WOW this looks good

                        but remember Windwaker and TP are 2 completely different art styles like not even in the same category of art.

                        Windwaker used the same assests as the orignal game and used a SHIT TON of bloom to make the colors stand out. that works because the game is meant to be colorful.

                        WW HD wasn’t some complete graphics overhaul they did the same thing they did with TP HD but added that Bloom on the colors. They didn’t need to do that with TP because TP isn’t meant to be colorful. it’s meant to feel dark.

                        why complain about the graphics when your comparing it to something that wouldn’t work the same way.

                          1. It looks great what are you complaining about. That they didn’t make a game from the ground up when they are already making a game that people are crying at them about.

                            1. Thank you at least someone understands how these things work. They aren’t going to completely overhaul the whole game that would take too much money. They smoothed everything out and gave better lighting. That’s mostly all HD ports ever do honestly there’s not much improvements you can make without turning it into a bigger project which I know is something they don’t plan to do

                              1. I think maybe the problem I’m seeing is, while it is at a higher resolution for the textures, the lighting is improved, proper 16:9 support, the models. If you look, the models don’t really look updated, at least in my opinion. From where I stand, the models look liked they were ripped out of the original game and just given higher resolution textures. In Wind Waker HD, it wasn’t as noticeable due to the art style. I would like to see them smooth the models out a bit.

                              2. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

                                Well if they are going to charge us 60 bucks for this, they damn well better put a lot of money in this remaster. Otherwise, I’ll just stick with Twilight Princess Wii & suffer the waggle controls and SD quality.

                                1. Ignoring RE4 for Wii looked better than Gamecube version. And ignoring TP for Wii looked better than GameCube version. This wii u version aint like that. And you complaining about trolls. If it wasnt for us complaining Starfox 0would have been sold as is. Thankfully people like us trolls complained about visuals on Starfox that it was delayed for texture improvements.

                                  1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

                                    We’re not trolls. That’s just a word some of these white knights use so they can pretend our opinions don’t matter. But yeah. Everything you said is true. If us Nintendo fans don’t speak out against what looks like crap, Nintendo won’t try to improve. Without us, Nintendo would still be stuck in the N64 days.

                                2. However, despite the lighting/bloom effects it looks as if the textures haven’t been updated too much either. I bring this up when I look at Hyrule field in the trailer. Even though WW and TP are two different games with different art styles, viewers shouldn’t have to squint at the video to try and search for a better looking game; choosing which one is the HD and the original should be so obvious a baby could tell the difference. With this graphics update it is hard to tell which isn’t that exciting. Regardless though this game will be fun to play all over again and that amiibo looks amazing!

                                3. I think it looks better! I thought the original game was beautiful when it was new. The only problems that I started to notice later were the blurry textures and the ugly yellow haze over everything, and both of those seem fixed.

                                  I enjoyed Wind Waker HD, OoT3D and MM3D a lot. Clearly, Nintendo knows how to remake a Zelda game. I have faith that they’ll make lots of improvements to TP and make this a must-buy for a Zelda obsessive like myself.

                                4. A lot of comments are from people who have already played Twilight Princess, and are looking for a drastic enough renewal to make them want to play it again. You are forgetting that there are probably a lot of people who have never played it, and this is going to be awesome for them. I never owned a Wii, and have been buying old Wii classics to play on The Wii U. I already own this for Wii, but will absolutely be buying this version, as the improved clarity on a modern HD TV is going to make this stellar looking, even without the enhanced graphics.

                                    1. I’ve seen a lot of people say there isn’t much of an improvement, but when you see them side by side there is a very difference. The Wii U version is how I remember the game looking like in my memory so I’m just glad that is how it looks.

                                      1. Not excited for this at all. It’s great for those for didn’t have a chance to play it on one of the earlier consoles, but I see no reason to re-invest money into a game with just minimal graphic updating. Of course, I’m kind of biased since I didn’t really like TP, so that’s not helping my opinion. If only Nintendo would make a new Zelda for Wii U… (insert years worth of waiting-enhanced sarcasm).

                                          1. Lol. Sarcasm bro. You’re missing the point. I know Zelda U is coming, but maybe it’d be here a little faster if they stopped d!cking around so much with these not so HD remakes. After all, Zelda was the first thing Nintendo showcased for the U. It was the first demo, and at this rate it’ll be one of the last games to finally release. Just sad, is all.

                                            1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3 ~*Proud Owner of a great PS4 & a great 3DS! Oh & I guess the Wii U is good, too!*~

                                              Wait for it, wait for it… “But Nintendo isn’t working on these HD remasters! A 3rd party is doing all of the work!” If people really think Aonuma isn’t being pulled away from Zelda Wii U to help with certain things on these remasters to make sure the 3rd party doesn’t go beyond what Nintendo wants them to do, hah! The joke is on them!

                                            1. Ok, I got it, it’s not a remake, it’s a remaster, then when I will buy my copy of the game, I will say “sorry but this is a remaster, take 20 $ and F U”
                                              Really people, I don’t get it, you are happy for getting less of how much you deserve. This game is probably 50 $, just a little less of The Witcher 3, Zelda U, The Phantom Pain… for that much money I deserve better, I want more, this is lazy (so far), I’m a fan, but not a fanboy, I can see a bad deal when I see one (for now, maybe there are a lot of gameplay changes that are worth the purchase).

                                              1. It’s $60 with the amiibo, so the regular version is probably $50.
                                                In any case, what the fuck is the problem? If you don’t want it you don’t have to buy it, this video wasn’t made to dissuade you to buy it, it was made to prove that the “It’s just a resolution bump” cries are unfounded and that the game is indeed being re-mastered just like WWHD was, with new textures and new visual effects like bump mapping (; now you’re bitching about the price, and if that turned out to be low then you would just go on to the next thing, you people are just looking for reasons to hate the game, and you know what? You don’t need one, you can hate whatever you want for no reason whatsoever, but kindly go to your troll’s bridge for that, stop bitching at people who are genuinely excited, nobody is obligated to validate your fragile ego.

                                                1. I’m not trolling and I’m not using bad language with you so please, calm down, and respect my opinion. You can be happy about what you get and I’m happy for you but why take less for the same (almost) the same amount? You deserve better, we deserve better, if the price will be less (maybe 20-30 $) then I will shut my mouth but for now, this looks lazy and easy cashgrab. I love what they show in the direct: Zelda U looks gorgeus, Cloud in Smash is neat! StarFox now looks way better, Triforce Heroes free update, thank you, I can’t wait, I’ve marked 3/12 on my calendar but this, this doesn’t look that good to me and if I don’t say anything they will do the same for future remake/remaster.
                                                  (Anyway sorry for the bad grammar but I’m not a native english speaker).

                                                  1. And I can’t stress it enough: “for now, maybe there are a lot of gameplay changes that are worth the purchase”
                                                    Way more important than graphic is fix all TP’s little design flaws, if they don’t, this is a wasted opportunity, you can’t understand how much I was hyped back in the day for TP and how much in the end I felt disappointed with the final product; I want to love this game, I love Zelda, and I want them to do their best, just this = )

                                                    1. You don’t need to curse to be rude, your original comment is way less polite than you want to make it sound now that you got called out on it.
                                                      I’d like to ask you, have you actually noticed the entirely updated textures? The all-new bump mapping? The new lighting system? You keep trying to convince me that I’m getting shortchanged with points that I already debunked and I just don’t see why someone would do that other than willingly ignoring the evidence right before their eyes, so either come up with something better than or leave me alone, because it’s not just “your opinion” when you shove it in my face, it’s a cry for validation.

                                                      1. Let me say this: the final result they achieve is overall unsatisfine for me, maybe they did the same with TWW HD but in that case was enough to let the update been (or just looked) significant.
                                                        Anyway, sorry if I sounded rude, I didn’t mean to; have a nice day and happy gaming!

                                                    2. It’s not brand new game, just in HD that is all, nothing special, if you want to see game in HD then it’s worth getting it, i will buy this game never had a Wii, this was only first look at the game, it will improve a bit coming months so be patient rather ignoring it fast, consumers never happy what they are given always arguing in little situations, if you don’t like something don’t buy the game, lot of people would buy this 1. It’s in HD 2. Never played the game some just want to enjoy new game.

                                                      1. Just FYI, there are things they’ve added to the game that they haven’t discussed here that make it better than the original.
                                                        The presentation this time only covered the Amiibo and the graphical enhancements.

                                                    3. Naw. My boy told me 2 weeks ago “if they do a Twilight Princess HD remake Nintendo is just gonna smooth out the Textures. They’re not gonna build it from the ground up like they should.”

                                                      I see he was right. Though I’m still gonna pick it up with that cool Amiibo.

                                                      1. A remake and a remaster is two different things. This is a remaster not a remake. You don’t build it up from the ground with a remaster.

                                                    4. Wow. Even this remaster comparison proved this was a waste of time and work. I hardly see ANY difference. Come on. I’ve seen so many remastered games this year that actually looked different and improved.

                                                      1. I can see the difference, but I shouldn’t have to look at a direct comparison to notice it. I’m no graphics whore, but this looks like it could not be a lazier re-release and a blatantly obvious half-assed attempt to fill the gap in the wait time for Zelda U. I kept waiting for the moment they would show off the new visuals to really showcase why anyone would want to pay full price for an old game, but it never came.
                                                        And I don’t even want to know how they’re going to be using amiibos for major Zelda titles. I damn near slammed my head against my desk when Reggie hyped up that there would be more, before revealing a Wolf Link amiibo.

                                                        I bought TP eons ago, so if I want TP:HD I’ll just use Dolphin.

                                                          1. It is not a port but a remaster. It is not a remake which is why there is some people complaining about the graphics. It seems like and I’m not sure that people expected the tech demo look for a complete remake and are disappointed they received the remastered look. Luckily, for me I didn’t play the GameCube or Wii version so a totally new experience for me. Other than that, I don’t usually buy remaster or remakes of games.

                                                          2. I’m with you, Stranga. I’ve written my comment, and know I’m scrolling up above and found your comment.

                                                            In my opinion they did not cared about the lighting, which is basically what make a remastered version looks a lot better than the original one. The port is definitely lazy.

                                                            So I’ll stick to my Wii version of TP, I’m happy with that.

                                                          1. They did because Wind Waker was a remake and this is a remaster. Remake built again from the ground up. Remaster update textures to make it prettier.

                                                          2. They did less.
                                                            Wind Waker HD only got uncompressed textures and a generic lighting system that ruined the original aesthetics of the game; Twilight Princess HD is getting all-new textures, bump mapping, a lighting system that fixes issues (Such as the excess bloom and the double-vision effect of the twilight) rather than cause them, and amiibo support.

                                                          3. It’s no secret I’m a strong supporter of this site, but someone dropped the ball on this whole Twilight Princess Bundle thing. I’ve been waiting for a post with a pre-order link when it was available, and scanning through, none of the TP HD articles mentions how or where to order it.

                                                            I’ve used this site to pre-order most of my Nintendo shit. Getting the MM pin, the X-Bundle, – but by the time I heard the bundle was available in the comment section, and tracked it down to Best Buy, it was sold out.

                                                            MNN, I’m shunning you for a day. SHUN!!

                                                            1. I’m sorry about that, Drybones. I know these things that are only available through limited prints are really tempting to have.

                                                              Hope you find it somewhere else.

                                                                1. I’ve been virtually away from the internet since Tuesday, and today I realized tons of new posts were uploaded since then. Maybe Drybones skipped that particular one.

                                                                  1. Nah, I just posted it based on community feedback! I like to hear what you guys want to see. Just keeping you guys updated so you don’t miss it.

                                                                  2. Lazy port, whoever does it. They should have worked on the lighting, which in fact is the thing gives the remastered versions their, hum, let’s say, their brilliance.

                                                                  3. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

                                                                    The white knighting in here. Some of the people here can’t seem to express their negative opinion without being called a troll, a rude jerk, or anything else under the sun. I’m starting to wonder how many people I’ve called a troll over the years were not trolls but actually expressing their very true opinion which made me the REAL troll in the conversation. @.@

                                                                    This site has opened my eyes in more ways than one. Not only has it made me realize how out of touch Nintendo is or how arrogant Nintendo is and how far up Nintendo’s ass some of their fans have their head up there, but also that not everyone I encountered that seemed like a troll were trolls but simply fans tired of Nintendo, and their fellow fans, bullshit.

                                                                    I’m gonna get targeted by at least one raging fanboy when I post this comment but oh well. It’s the internet. There is always going to be some asshole trying to invalidate someone else’s opinion. (It sucks that I’m guilty of this on occasion but nobody is perfect.)

                                                                    1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

                                                                      As for my opinion on this topic, I’m more concerned about any changes to the game’s gameplay than I am the graphics. But I hope the quality looks a lot better than this when it finally releases. Otherwise, I’ll just stick with my Nintendo Selects re-release of Twilight Princess (Wii) which I paid only 20 bucks for. 40-50 bucks is the most I’m willing to pay for this remaster. I’d say a lower price would be better but that amiibo at least adds 10 bucks to the price. Hence 40-50 bucks price point. If others want to pay full 60 bucks for this, that’s fine. It’s not my money, anyway.

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