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Next Month’s Super Smash Bros Video Presentation Will Be The Last One

Here’s hoping that next month’s Super Smash Bros. video presentation will deliver the goods because, according to Nintendo of Europe, it will be the last broadcast for the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS versions of Nintendo’s hit fighting game. During yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, Square Enix’s Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII was announced as an upcoming playable fighter in Super Smash Bros. He will soon become available as downloadable content alongside a new Midgar stage.

A New Challenger Approaches!: Cloud Strife – the legendary protagonist from the classic RPG game FINAL FANTASY VII – will enter the battlefield as a playable fighter in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS in the future. Additionally, a special broadcast – the last one for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS – will be released in December.

-Nintendo of Europe PR

57 thoughts on “Next Month’s Super Smash Bros Video Presentation Will Be The Last One”

  1. Smash Bros might still pop up in future Directs. This to me just says it will be the last presentation exclusively about Smash Bros.

    1. Please for the love of god krystal. the mix of staff and SF:assault weapons would be nice. a barrier instead of the frickin reflector wud be cool, since that was her perk in vs. mode.

  2. So that means the Smash Bros. ballot was a fucking waste of time since Nintendo was gonna pick whatever from the start despite “listening to fans” A-FUCKING-GAIN? Because I don’t recall anyone even mentioning any FF character/vote even once.

    1. The ballot was a suggestion box, not a competition. And they never said they’d listen to their fans, they said that “from now (E3) on, it’ll be fanservice”, which has been true so far.

    2. Cloud deserves it and I don’t think he’s part of the ballot. That is what a lot of people are saying cause they didn’t even mention the ballot yesterday so he might just be extra on top. I’ll take him over shovel shit or shantae or other irrevelant losers (sorry, shantae is highly irrelevant).

                  1. Definitely shovel shit is utter trash I’ll definitely give it to shantae over him but she’s still not that iconic. I wouldn’t be upset with her winning, I’ll riot of shovel shit does.

                    1. It’s not a bad game but people need to seriously stop treating it like its the second coming of Jesus. Shantae fits better because she’s been around with Nintendo for many years.

                      1. i think Shantae has a long time history experience with nintendo but i have to say i agree with you 100% Thestrangablog yeah she is not ironic like Pac-Man and sonic besides i wish she will get a chance to be part of the crossover in smash bros plus the reason why the fanboys choose shovel knight over Shantae because she is not a capable fighter and plus she doesn’t have a voice like mario and sonic.

                        1. Excuse me. “Not a capable fighter” when she can transform into mammals like an Elephant wrecking shit, whipping her hair, shooting spike balls, fire balls plus wielding a sword, hover with a pirate hat and shooting a pistol? If that’s not “fighter capable” over some 8-bit knight who uses a shovel just the same way as Donald Duck of Ducktails game by bouncing/ground pounding and digging…then these people have some fucked up figment of imagination that they stupidly call “reality”.

                              1. Why the hell does Cloud deserve it? He’s never appeared on a Nintendo console before, and in fact, was featured in the first game where Square gave a big “fuck you” to Nintendo and partnered with Sony. They might as well add the Power Rangers at this point.

                                1. Square left cause Nintendo went cartridge and Sony went CD and CD enabled FF7 to be what it was. Cloud is a pretty huge icon. If his inclusion is because he was one of the ballot winners, then he isn’t breaking any rules cause they said 3rd party characters were allowed. Plus if you grew up back in the day and were old enough during the PS1/N64 era, most people dreamed of Cloud Vs Link and now it’s happening. Power Rangers aren’t a video game character first so I wouldn’t want them or Goku or anyone like that. Nintendo gave a big “fuck you” to everyone that’s why a lot of 3rd parties don’t wanna work with them cause how they were treated by Nintendo in the past.

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                              3. Hopefully this doesn’t mean no more DLC for Smash Bros. Because I was not excited about the Cloud reveal. Banjo and Kazooie would be better

                              4. I hope this means only just for a dedicated Smash Direct and not the dlc itself. Would love to see Banjo, Shantae, and Snake as dlc hopefully.

                                    1. Honestly I’m hoping that smash bros gets ported to the nx as I don’t see a new one coming out for years to come since Sakurai himself said he was probly done with the series. After this many characters added in I love the support its received and would hate for this to be the last batch of dlc but I understand I guess =/

                                      1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

                                        Just because Sakurai is tired of working on the series doesn’t mean anything. With a successful franchise like Smash Bros, Sakurai will simply be replaced. Just like Aonuma replaced Miyamoto as he was given full control over the Legend of Zelda franchise.

                                        Want proof? Look no further than Metroid. Super Metroid was meant to be the last game in the franchise as Gunpei Yokoi wanted Metroid to be a trilogy. But since the franchise was a moderate success in America, Nintendo kept the franchise going. The reason why Earthbound ended at only 3 games was because it wasn’t as popular as say Metroid, Mario, & Zelda. If it was a bigger success, whether the creator of Mother liked it or not, Nintendo would have continued with the franchise well after Mother 3.

                                        1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

                                          As long as Nintendo can train new developers, a Nintendo franchise will stay for as long as it makes them a ton of money.

                                        2. well sakurai said he will not be feature in the works of the next Smash bros he said he might retire sometime in the future.

                                      2. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

                                        The final Smash only direct? Or the final direct with anything Smash in it? Nintendo better clarify this before or during that Smash Direct next month. If it is the last direct with anything Smash related, it better be an hour long with a shit load of character, stage, & Mii customization reveals.

                                      3. i dont know when will cloud be available in smash bros but his appearance and design is base off his first appearance final fantasy VII and also i see why nintendo is doing there broadcasting next month so there gonna do there last 2 DLCs characters update and that will be it.

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