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Nintendo America Announces Bayonetta 2 Nintendo Direct On September 4th

Nintendo of America has tweeted that it’s holding a Bayonetta 2 themed Nintendo Direct on Thursday, September 4th. The event will be broadcast at 3pm PT and is set to include plenty of new Bayonetta 2 details. We already know that the game is scheduled to launch in North America on October 24th.

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Nintendo Direct Coming Tomorrow For Japan, Focussing On Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo Japan has confirmed that it will be holding a Nintendo Direct tomorrow which is focussed on Nintendo 3DS software. Nintendo of America and Nintendo Europe have yet to mention whether they will also be broadcasting a Nintendo Direct. Here’s the times for the Japanese Nintendo 3DS Direct.

  • Japan: 8PM
  • Europe: 1PM
  • UK: 12PM
  • USA (East Coast): 7AM
  • USA (West Coast): 4AM

Hyrule Warriors Nintendo Direct Coming August 5th

In anticipation of the game’s 19th September launch, a new Nintendo Direct taking a closer look at Hyrule Warriors for Wii U will be made available on YouTube and the Nintendo Direct website in Europe Tuesday 5th August at 08:00 CEST. The event will air August 4th in the United States at 11pm EDT.

  • Europe : 5AM (5/8)
  • UK : 4AM (5/8)
  • USA (East Coast): 11PM (4/8)
  • USA (West Coast): 8PM (4/8)
  • Japan : 12PM (5/8)

Japanese Nintendo 3DS Direct Coming Tomorrow, Focusses On Third Party Games

Nintendo Japan has confirmed today that it will be holding a Nintendo Direct tomorrow to showcase third-party games on the system. Nintendo of America and Nintendo Europe haven’t announced a Nintendo Direct as of yet, so it’s likely to be a Japanese only event. It begins at 8PM JST on Friday, July 11th.

  • Europe : 1PM
  • UK : 12PM
  • USA (East Coast) : 7AM
  • USA (West Coast) : 4AM
  • Japan : 8PM

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Here’s The Yokai Watch 2 Nintendo Direct Presentation For You To Watch, Along With Info

Nintendo Japan held a special Nintendo Direct presentation for the forthcoming Yokai Watch 2 this morning. If you missed it then Nintendo has uploaded the full event on YouTube. As you would expect the event is in Japanese, but that hasn’t stopped NeoGAF user L-A from publishing key information from the event.

What is Youkai Watch?

  • Youkai hidden everywhere
  • Youkai have an effect on people, make them do weird stuff
  • Explain battle system
  • Make a wheel turn
  • Use touch screen to launch special attacks
  • Use it to revive Youkai too
  • Can make friends with Youkai
  • Fuse medals to make new Youkai

Sakura New Town

  • Explore the town, like as a child
  • Lots of places to go to, like forest and more
  • Fun things to do
  • Do stuff like in real life (crossing roads by pressing button, etc…)

YW2 new stuff

  • Same town as first game
  • Can take a train to go to some places
  • Seaside town, with boats and a beach
  • Countryside town, with rice fileds, a farm, a river and more
  • Can take the bus too
  • Can get stamps of the various places by train

New Youkai showcase

  • Matenshi : looks angry
  • Onigirizamurai: looks like an onigiri, very powerful
  • Nechikaeru : frog, use water attack
  • Lots of new Youkai

Jibanyan, real star of the show 

  • KO in one hit
  • Bike racing, new mini-game
  • Youkai blocking the view to annoy you
  • Fox procession, mimic their movement so as to avoid getting spotted
  • Billboard with quests
  • Secret tunnel which leads to unexpected places, change every day
  • Player get a box, never open it. Fart all the time if you open it.
  • Can climb to poles
  • Get a great view
  • You’re not the only one doing it
  • Old man farts then drop down

This town looks different > go back in the past

  • New trailer
  • Dekanyan, has a mystery
  • Character which looks just like Keita
  • Fight to “defend the world”

Internet play

  • Youkai watch busters, playable with 4 players
  • Defeat Youkai in action game

2 different versions, with original quests, rare items, and some special Youkai

  • Special Jibanyan medal in the packaging
  • Download version too get special Youkai (Robot versions of Jibanyan)
  • Played YW1? Get Buchinyan

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