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The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass And Spirit Tracks Wii U Virtual Console Footage

If you missed Link’s touch-based adventures on the DS, then you might want to pick them up on Wii U. Both The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks are currently available in Europe on the Virtual Console. The two games are sequels to Wind Waker, with Phantom Hourglass following the exact same Link, moments after the conclusion of the GameCube title. If you happen to speak French, you can get an idea of each game’s story in the videos below.


27 thoughts on “The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass And Spirit Tracks Wii U Virtual Console Footage”

  1. What a minute! In Phantom Hourglass there was this one puzzle that required you to to close your DS and reopen it in order to progress. How’s that going to work on the Wii U. Same thing with the 2DS, but you can solve that problem by putting it on sleep mode. Not too sure about the Wii U however.

          1. Actually the Link in Spirit tracks is not the same link as in WW and PHG. Proof: 1. Niko is really old and he is still young.
            2. He doesn’t know the story of the link from WW and PHG.
            3. He hasn’t even yet met Zelda.
            4. Line Becks grandson (or great grandson or something like that) is the one you know not the original.

          2. Not the same Link in Spirit Tracks, the game takes place two generations after Wind Waker.

            I bought both, and started to play Spirit Tracks on Saturday. Except for the crappy mic-controls, everything works well! But I feel those are going to make it a pain to complete the game…

            1. I bought ST as well, but now my WiiU Hangs when coming to Castle Town after completing Ocean Temple. I just send an e-mail to Nintendo asking what to do. Is it working OK on your device?

              1. Actually no. I just finished the Spirit Tower after the third dungeon, and the game froze (while in castle town, I think). I closed the game via the home menu, which made it even worse: When I try to start the game, the Wii U tries to continue from where I “left off”, and the console itself freezes. I have to force-shut it down after that…

            2. Lol someone seems to not know the story of wind waker and these two…
              Spirit tracks Link is not the same as in Phantom Hour Glass and Windwaker.
              ST takes place generations after WW and PHG….

              1. While I suggest you play both if you’re a big Zelda fan, Spirit Tracks is leagues above Phantom Hourglass. ST improved on almost everything PH got wrong (though it also went backwards in some places too- the train being limited to rails impacts explorability, of course). ST also has one of the best Zelda game soundtracks of all.

            3. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

              Still forced to use the Stylus for everything? If so, why aren’t these on the 3DS & 2DS!? Whatever. If I ever need to have my memory refreshed of these two games, I can just use wiki or something to remind myself because I refuse to ever play these games again because the stylus controlled gameplay is a huge detractor of these games’ replayability.

              1. Really? I didn’t mind that too much aside from my hand occasionally obstructing my view of the lower right corner of the touch screen and ST’s final boss where you have to rub the stylus back and forth like a madman to make the final blow- I was sure that would wreck my touch screen…

                1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

                  Using the stylus for everything ruined both games for me ever playing them a second time or even collecting them because I like to play the games I collect every now & then. Same with Kid Icarus Uprising. Played through all three games once, sold them, & haven’t looked back since. In fact, I wish I had gotten a Gamefly account back then & just rented them. :/

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