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Here’s 45 Minutes Of Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Footage

YouTuber Domtendo has posted 45 minutes of Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam footage on his channel.

It’s divided into three parts over three separate videos, and you can watch them below:

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam will be coming to Europe on December 4th, Australia on December 10th, and North America on January 22nd. If you’re looking to pre-order this title and you’re in the UK – Nintendo is also offering a free paper-craft set with your purchase.

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6 thoughts on “Here’s 45 Minutes Of Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Footage”

  1. Though this game leaves the bad taste of rehash in your mouth it does appear to be fun and I guess that is all that matters. The Clergy of the Church of Sasori approves this on behalf of Obinna.

    Awaiting negativity from Stranga in 3….. 2….. 1……

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