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Video: Animal Crossing: Wild World Virtual Console Trailer

We posted earlier today about the news that Animal Crossing: Wild World will be coming to the Europe Wii U Virtual Console on November 19th, and following on from that a Virtual Console trailer has also been released.

The game was originally released on the Nintendo DS on November 23rd, 2005, so will be celebrating its ten year anniversary shortly after releasing to the Virtual Console.

You can watch the trailer below:


19 thoughts on “Video: Animal Crossing: Wild World Virtual Console Trailer”

      1. Not exactly, but do you know that any Wii or DS that has online multiplayer is now legally (in the US at least) able to be emulated since Nintendo shut down Nintendo Wi-Fi back in 2014. There was a court ruling recently about this that any game that has online multiplayer servers that are abandoned/shut down by a company are legally able to be emulated.

        1. Emulation isn’t legal at all unless the rights holders gives you permission. In this case, if you BUY it through VC you now have rights to play the game on a Wii U. If you own the DS cartridge you only have right to play it on a DS/3DS. The online servers is a whole other matter, but you’re still not allowed to emulate the game on anything else than the system you own it for. Only Nintendo have those rights.

            1. I still nostalgically prefer WW over NL. WW was my first AC game and I still love it so much. (I used to make “bathrooms” and have whatever wall accessories there were in the game to wall it off. I was a weird kid in a lot of ways.)

              1. Haha I did the same thing! It was also my first AC game but CF is definitely my favorite (due to the experiences).

              1. I own the full bundle and Tom Nook and Mabel amiibo, and can admit that this game is more of an expensive board game. There is a LOT of variety that the game board mode needs in order to feel less repetitive like different board routes, more events, etc. Desert Island escape is easily the best mode in the game though, but is even more fun the more cards you have. All the other modes feel like app games with AC sprinkled on top and clunky controls for some.

            2. Wow, can’t believe it’s been out for 10 years. It feels like it was only a couple years ago I was excitedly buying it at my local Best Buy.
              Time sure does fly.

            3. I love,love, love Wild World. What an incredible experience. Brings back memories. Too bad Animal Crossing games get severely outdated with each new installment.

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