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Nintendo Badge Arcade Getting More Frequent Updates In The West

The Nintendo Badge Arcade launched in the west last week on the Nintendo 3DS and is an enticing way to spend some small change for collectables. The Japanese release is updated every Friday with new grabbers and sets. However, the US version of the application is getting updated even more frequently. The Nintendo Badge Arcade saw BoxBoy! grabbers on Saturday and on Sunday Super Mario Maker badges were added. Today see’s the release of Mario Kart 8 grabbers. The Nintendo Badge Arcade is a free download on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Try not to spend too much cash!


22 thoughts on “Nintendo Badge Arcade Getting More Frequent Updates In The West”

      1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

        >.< Yeah. 3-5 whole free plays when you need at least 10 to clean out one badge machine! Or sometimes even need 5-10 to get one specific badge that's behind or under others that you have to get first to get to the other badge. This so called game practically forces you to use real money since you don't get nearly enough free plays to use. If we could save up the free plays, or even the plays we spent real money on to put on there, THEN it'd be worth doing the practice game every day. But that's not the case AT ALL. This is high levels of microtransactions at it's finest! Only it's for a handheld game.

        1. You can save up free play’s also it’s not so hard to get free play’s when new serie of claw graber’s you alway’s get a free play and if you get 10 dummie badge’s then you also get a free play and than the bonus free play’s so play it smart and you can get easly free play’s for badge’s

        2. I got like 9 badges from the first five replays and an additional four from practicing…. And I suck at claw grab games, so meh. You get plenty from not spending any.

          1. Maybe I just suck, but getting one try everyday for me is what usually happens now. And I’ve been trying to get a specific badge, and it usually tilts over and i don’t get a second shot.

        3. I’ve spent a total of 3 dollars on it and have 40 badges. At the rate I’m going I will end up spending lots more with all the nice badges they keep putting up those free plays just aren’t enough lol dangerously addicting game. I do not recommend it at all lol

              1. It really pisses me off with how fast they cycle through the badges. The Mario Kart set just came out today and half of it is on “Last Day” status. They also just brought in a few new AC sets today too and those are on last day as welll.

              2. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

                Aside from the old woman sage & the sage you meet at the beginning of the game at the temple you hide Zelda at, I got all of the painting Link Between World badges. (Yeah. I ended up spending 3 bucks on the damn “game” after all! I really wanted that Triforce Badge! @.@ Then I figured I might as well get the other badges of that particular set. But with how that god damn machine is set up, the chances of getting the old woman & the young sage girl is out of the question as they get knocked off the platform & into that god damn pit as soon as the claw hits them. You people getting over 30, non double badges must be doing those damn hammer machines! Or maybe the crab claw crane game for the Zelda painted characters are rigged to make you waste money on trying to get the old lady & the young maiden. <.< But I'm not spending anymore money on that fucking thing so looks like I'll be 2 sages short…

                1. I may have 40 some badges, but a number are duplicates like the stone thing from Zelda and coins. Also the chain chomp rings.

                  Not paying a cent for this game, all it’s trying to do is take your money for a few icons on your homescreen. Don’t need to complete any sets, I’ll just get what I get, thanks.

              3. Spent about 12 bucks total. Probably the most I’ll spend until another theme deal lands. When it comes down to it, it’s just money I would have spent on some coffees last week, so it balances out pretty well with me money-wise. I do wish there was some sort of trading function explicitly for dupes though. Like you would only be able to trade your dupes for others dupes, nothing either person only had 1 of could be traded, I feel like that’d be a nice addition, but that would just be to get rid of the LoZ rocks and Splatoon splatter-marks lol

                1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

                  If Nintendo is becoming as greedy as I think they are, they’ll never allow us to trade duplicates for other duplicates because that would be less money in their bank account.

              4. I got 9 after the first day. I failed epically at the initial Mario stamps, but I then cleared out the Splatoon game with 4 free plays.

                They’ll never get a penny out of me, just like mobile games on smartphones never do.

                I support Nintendo by buying software and hardware, what they’re supposed to deliver on and have for over 2 decades for me, this relationship ain’t changing now.

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