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Minecraft Wii U No Longer Listed On PEGI Website

We all had our hopes raised when we found out that Minecraft was coming to the Wii U due to a recent listing by ratings board PEGI. Well, that particular listing for Minecraft Wii U has since been removed from the site. We expected to hear something about it during the Nintendo Direct last week, but nothing came of it. Whether it was an older listing that has been scrapped remains to be seen, but it certainly make sense for it to come to Wii U as the audience is clearly there.

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8 thoughts on “Minecraft Wii U No Longer Listed On PEGI Website”

    1. When has Mojang or Nintendo ever ‘trolled’ any of their fans? That’s just daft. These are huge companies – they don’t ‘troll’ people.

  1. Regardless, on TV a commercial for Minecraft Story mode came on and Wii U was listed at the end. I feel like there’s a lot more checking before something goes on TV than a website listing/update.

    1. It’s possible story mode is on hold for Wii U until all episodes are out, or they didn’t want to leave it out as a possibility, and included it just in case. Or hell it really could have just been a mistake, but being a mistake that hasn’t been brought up as a mistake could mean a future release. This however, looks like an old rating that was accidentally slapped on the website. Considering it’s release date listed was November 12th, 2015, it’s likely that it was planned at some point, but likely not anymore with Microsoft’s hand on it’s shoulder.

    2. The game’s on hold for some reason on PS Vita and Wii U, probably so that they can focus on releasing the episodes for their larger demographics on other consoles and PC and getting at least a few episodes out and have the season pass up for order by the big holiday rush.

      My first assumption would be that TellTale’s unique business model doesn’t work well on Nintendo’s eShop and that they’re waiting for all the episodes to be released to release at once. That doesn’t quite explain why the Vita version is on hold either, though. Maybe they’re taking time to implement the PC version’s controls onto the GamePad?

      Still, it’s weird how they’re promoting a version of the game that isn’t even out yet.

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