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GameStop Shares Plummet After Disappointing Results

Shares in US video game retailer GameStop have plummeted today after the company announced disappointing third-quarter results. The retailer blamed the poor results on software and hardware which it claimed had been weaker than they had been expecting. Shares in the company dipped by 18% this morning. The company says that hardware sales dipped 20% and software sales dropped 9%.



40 thoughts on “GameStop Shares Plummet After Disappointing Results”

  1. They can’t blame Nintendo this time. Nintendo’s been sucking for a while, to blame them now only shows how it was bullshit to blame them before.

    I could care less about gamestop. Those fuckers can crash. RIP employees, it sucks for those that would lose their job. I hope they are already looking for new ones.

    1. It is a terrible store really. I went in there to get a used game and It was priced $20 more than I could get it on Amazon brand new… I was like “Yo mofo, I can get this brand new cheaper what the deal?” and they were basically like, well, “It is a rare game on Wii U, etc. because it wasn’t popular.” And I’m like, “Shit, is it rare because a lot of them didn’t sell? If it isn’t popular, shouldn’t it be cheaper? I can get this for $20 on amazon brand new.” and they were like, “Well, that’s AMAZON.” And I was like, so fucking what you pile of shit… This is stupid, and so are you…

      Oh well, that is what happened anyway

      1. I know you have to make money but that is pretty ridiculous. If a game didn’t sell well, then the price should be lower. Now if the game was rare because it was always sold out that would make more sense, but it’s rare because not many people buy it? I don’t buy it. And your right on Amazon you can find a lot of games for new, cheaper than used games at game stop. For example at my gamestop you could get super mario 3d world for 60 bucks new, or you could get it used for 54 bucks, makes perfect sense right? I might as well go and buy it new since there isn’t that much of a price difference. Game stop and used games, are often over priced. With Halo 5, you can buy it at 60 bucks, but if you want to return it after playing it for a week, you only get like half of that money back.

      2. Yep. And ALL THE TIME, they are like, “New or used?” And I’m like, “what’s the price difference?” And it’s like, “New for $60, used for $55.”
        Yeah. New. Dumbasses

      3. You DO realize employees don’t set the prices, right? Yelling at them makes no sense. You’re just making them hate their job even more. Retail sucks bad enough without people yelling at them for things beyond their control. I had a guy get in my face and yell at me for “lying” to him because a game got delayed. Accused me of “running a scam” to make interest off his whole $5 reservation for the extra 2 months. Another woman who accused me of lying when I told her Pikmin was not on Xbox ’cause she swore she saw it at Target. Go buy it at Target then, ’cause that’s a rare find, why yell at me? And plenty of people who complained about the prices, new and used. Most employees will actually agree with you that the prices suck, but what can they do? The ones that defend the price are probably doing so because they can’t really say anything bad in case you’re a secret shopper (which GS hires all the time for every store) and they have a paycheck to try and earn, and they get written up if they don’t get reservations and memberships. The used prices are high to encourage you to get the membership and save more on used. If you find a better deal somewhere, get it there, don’t come yelling at the store that doesn’t have that deal. Makes no sense. Retail sucks enough, don’t make it suck more for people just doing their job. You’re blaming the wrong people.

        1. Yelling isn’t the answer. Though the membership deals aren’t much better (instead of 55 it’s maybe like 45 – 50 bucks). I think what’s happening is gamestop is losing money with people buying games online now instead of physical copies, so they are hurting a bit. Though, lately the preorders haven’t been as good either, but I don’t know if that’s gamestops fault or the developers fault. Example: One of the zelda games, I believe ocarina of time, was released on the 3DS. Europe got all kinds of things, America got a poster, well some did. I preordered and didn’t but that aside, it seems like your best bet is to just not preorder.

        2. Unfortunately, I am not… They acted like douchebags about why it was overpriced… The story I told, I wasn’t really yelling at them and played up my dialogue for here, but nonetheless when I said it was cheaper new on Amazon, they basically said, well that is “Amazon” as if it some fantasy land where of course it is cheaper there… Maybe they could have done something and memberships, well that is asinine. And no wonder they are doing shitty and I hope their stores wither and die quickly.

          They should at least level with me, attempt to do something or anything except look at me like an idiot… And shit, if retail sucks, why the fuck are they (or you I guess) working that job? Because you “need” a job… that is only half true. People gotta stand up for what is right and these wack ass used game prices at gamestop are wrong… F’em and their memberships

          1. Dumb 11 year old me decided to buy Star Fox Adventures used on GameCube for $20, when it was 10 years old at that point. Yeah, their prices are insane for used. Also, I hate it when GameStop puts those damn used stickers on older game cases, which are really freaking hard to get all off (since they leave so much residue).

          2. I haven’t worked there in a loooong time, because of how they treat their employees. But still, you can’t complain when they say “well that’s Amazon.” Do you go to Burger King and say “well, McDonald’s has a cheeseburger for cheaper”? No. They deal with rude people all the time, so if you make a rude comment, you’re bound to get a rude comment back. I mean, you shouldn’t, they should still be the bigger person and be polite, but you can only take so much in retail. I had a feeling (and hoped) you were being more dramatic here and that wasn’t how you asked, so that does change things, haha. But still, you don’t even know half the crap they put up with, how many times their boss is on their ass for not selling a used game, etc. I got written up because I didn’t sell a THIRD membership to a customer who I had previously already sold 2 to. And I was the manager! So yeah, the company sucks, but don’t blame the employees (well, not all of them – there ARE bad employees, after all). As for why work there if it sucks? People need jobs, and it still has its perks. And you do appreciate a lot of the cool customers. And not everyone can get non-retail jobs. Many employees are college students trying to get the education to get those better jobs.

            But if you found it cheaper somewhere, get it there! Unless they state they can price match, it’s pointless to bring it up. It’s like complaining about a law to some random person when it’s congress that makes them. They’ve probably heard your complaint from at least a hundred or more people during their time there, and there’s nothing they can do, and it’s frustrating when people think you have all the power as an employee. About 1 in 10 customers would ask me “oh, no tax please.” Like, genuinely asking for me to not apply the automatic sales tax the system adds on, and like I had the power to not charge sales tax in California. And when I’d try to explain I didn’t have that power, they’d demand my District Manager, or threaten to never shop here again. Also, I knew managers who made their employees their slaves. They were not allowed to go to school or have a 2nd job despite only being scheduled for 4-8 hours a week, and they had to commit to be on call 100% of the time. So they go through a lot. Yes, there are bad ones, but many are great people who get treated like shit at minimum wage and almost no raises ever (if you’re lucky, maybe a 10-cent raise after a year and a half). Just try and remember that.

            1. It may suck to work there, but then they shouldn’t work there… and BK doesn’t sell a Big Mac… The price discrepency where they were asking double the price of a brand new game for a used game is ridiculous.

              I am surprised that there isn’t more wiggle room with the used game prices… for that, I am somewhat sensitive to the plight of the gamestop employee, but not all of them can be generalized the same way and these guys were dicks and working in customer service for a long time myself, there is a much better way to go about it.

  2. There are 3 factors that make this happen

    First of all, Digital. The reason why they are selling that poorly is because we get Digital Offer all year round. $15 a game as digital is pretty neat, while getting it used on stores are $35-$40, and their reply toward this will be “their issues, not ours” which is pretty idiotic

    Second: quality. Sure the Wii U is not the beast everyone wants but look at the X1 and Ps4 sales. They are but a shadow of their predecessors. The only one handling pretty well is the 3DS, and that’s because there is no rival to it

    Third: mobile. I feel there is a global understanding that games are for kids as a social stigma. But now the stigma has changed. Games on mobile are fine but otherwise are stigma. The sole fact this has changed shows how bad the sales are going to be

    1. 4th. They are greedy and simply overcharge for used games. $55 used for a $60 game for any system is a shit deal. How can they be surprised? They won’t last more than a few more years I think.

  3. when the game called battletoads came out, everyone was asking for battletoads, Remember battleToads gamestop? LOL!

    “Guy, Ask For BattleToads”
    ” employee stays, quiet”
    “Guy, ask again for battletoads”
    “Employee says get a life”
    They got so mad xD. the employer Kicked out the guy out of the store on that day xD. When Battletoad got released for Wii.

  4. They only have themselves to blame. They tend to be priced higher than other stores, their trade in program is a rip off and the loyalty card is ridiculous. I buy my games from Shopper’s Drug Mart because their points card is better.

  5. Or maybe it’s because your policies are absolute crap, Gamestop? I tried selling DJ Hero WITH the working table, which costs over 100 bucks, and you said you’d buy it for 30. Yeah, maybe people are sick of you.

  6. It’s about time. I’ll miss having a dedicated video games store, but preorder and new releases will just be shifted to big box stores and Amazon.

    I think Gamers Club Unlocked from Best Buy and Prime Members pricing on Amazon is the biggest reason for this, and sure to be the nail in the coffin.

    1. Oh and people are finally realizing that selling your games instead of trading in actually works. Also the industry hasn’t been that helpful for moving their product line.

  7. Why does everyone keep talking about Amazon when eBay is SO much better? At least, for me it is. I rarely buy from Amazon.

    I wish they’d bring back Play N Trade. The greatest game store EVER! I loved that store because they had retro games (as well as modern).

  8. rip in prices, Gamestop. I buy most of my shit from Amazon nowadays when they are on sale. And Prime helps with most of the shipping. I did preorder FE from Gamestop though, but that’s just because the preorders on Amazon were sold out…

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