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Pachter Gives The Nintendo NX A 40% Chance At Failing

Everyone’s favourite video game analyst Michael Pachter has once again spoken about the forthcoming NX platform from Nintendo. While he only knows as much as we do he says that the console has a 40% chance of failure and a positive 60% chance of success. Pachter believes that the platform will a mobile convergence device. That means it will be a hybrid between a home console and handheld.

Pachter sees the system’s outlook for profit as fairly positive. Overall, he estimates a 40 percent odd for failure and a 60 percent odd for success. While NX is being primed to launch late in a hardware cycle, he still says it could sell as many as 30 million units. To put that number into perspective, PS4 just passed the 30 million sales milestone since its release two years ago.

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61 thoughts on “Pachter Gives The Nintendo NX A 40% Chance At Failing”

  1. He’s such a fucking dick, you cannot pull numbers like that out of your ass, everyone knows absolutely nothing about the NX and he’s gonna talk like he knows shit about it.

    1. Nintendo Sub-Commander Cereza

      Michael Patcher is that Gorilla at the zoo who is only famous because he makes paintings from his own excremental discharge.

            1. How exactly do you limit success of a console to an exact percentage? What kind of algorithm did he use to calculate that 40% is the exact percentage at which he think the NX will succeed. Is there even anything that he can even use AGAINST the NX yet? The thing hasn’t even been given a true name or shown off at all yet, and he’s already spelling doom and gloom for the console. What an asshole.

                    1. I know I just seen! xD … It was kinda suspisious as why the lady wanted the one the kid had rather than the pile on the floor, ha ha. Any why would ppl be wasting their time on stupid pots? Now it’s so sobviously fake.

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                    2. LMAO DUDE PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK UP Goddamn this guy is a fucking asshole and idiot… There’s absolutely nothing we know of the console for sure. Only rumors and predictions. Yet he’s already talking shit about it… See what I mean? Its like I said last time when he made an early ass prediction. He’s doing this WAY too early and should wait till we see more about this NX. Dumbshit fucking retard. This man is losing credibility fast. An analyst should make these predictions based off of what’s been confirmed. Not rumors they heard of or what they think the product will be…

                          I never type like this, but hell, I’m pissed off with this moron getting article after article after article dedicated to him.
                          To Hell with Michael Pachter, and if this continues, then To Hell with MyNintendoNews.

                          1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3 ~*Proud Owner of the great PS4 & the great n3DS! Oh & I guess the dying mediocre Wii U is okay, too!*~

                            Calm down there. Just look at these articles as a way to make fun of Pachter, not as a way to piss everyone off. Do that & you’ll enjoy these articles with Pachter more. It works for me, anyway.

                        2. You can’t base success off of nothing. The NX currently doesn’t exist to the public. The Wii U has been less of a success for various reasons. The NX isn’t necessarily going to have those issues, like the name or misconception that the GamePad is a peripheral. Until they show it at E3 and we can see what the NX is about Pachter’s just making himself look like an idiot. I know most of us don’t like him to begin with but it’s hard for anyone to take him seriously when he’s talking about a product he hasn’t even seen and knows nothing about. The GameCube didn’t do well and look what happened with Wii. Can’t imagine they’ll fail twice in a row.

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                        4. well im guessing the NX will be a huge fail with out third party support i can tell by it 70% because they said that the NX will be twice as powerful like the PS4 and Wii U so my thoughts about this is the NX is gonna fail big time until its release nintendo needs to crunch the numbers in there sales on Wii U.

                          1. Wasn’t he the same guy that said the original Wii would flop and that the Vita would outsell the 3DS and that the Xbox One would be the best selling console this generation and now he’s trying to predict the outcome of the NX when it hasn’t even revealed or even given it’s real name yet?…smh. This clown just doesn’t get it. How does this guy even has a job as an analyst is beyond me

                          2. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3 ~*Proud Owner of the great PS4 & the great n3DS! Oh & I guess the dying mediocre Wii U is okay, too!*~

                            I strongly disagree Pachter. Why? Because like us, you don’t know much of anything about the NX aside from rumors & what you yourself think it might be. With that said, with no actual information from Nintendo themselves, the safest guess would be more like a 50/50 percent chance of success or failure.

                          3. Wiiu had few problems first of confusion of the Wiiu meaning upgrade to the Wii and then lot of people ignored it and many others i really don’t want to comment on failures it had, i don’t buy consoles for sales, popularity, just for quality gaming and Wiiu alone has provided good games for me.

                            Now Nx it’s hard to get this console back to top lot of developers probably lost hope that many consumers will buy this system when lot of people have trust in PS4 and Xboxone and they have great start by the time NX releases both of them consoles will have even more better games, this going to be very hard task to bring 3rd party developers back and consumers will have to think if this console is going to successful, it’s very important if this console will sell from launch and lot of people will be thinking about Wiiu again it’s same company without third party what will this do for better games or will be getting home console and portable systems, 50/50 chance pass or fail i do think there are 2 platforms on market it will hard to have 3rd system to succeed lot of people probably don’t want it.

                          4. Haha. As if a casual like Pachter would know.

                            It’s a sign of failure for making predictions without knowing any details.

                          5. That dude is always spewing nonsense out of his mouth. No one knows what the chances of this upcoming console is of failing. We don’t even have specs, and we have no idea what the launch titles are going to be. What is this dude’s issue with Nintendo anyway?

                          6. what I did not know and what I found interesting is the PS4 reaches 30 millions in 2 years.

                            In 3 years the wii U just sold 11 millions. Let’s not go to a rant as to why such low number but Nintendo really needs to get their acts together to bring back 3rd party support on the wii U like Capcom, Konami or even Snk and Square-enix.

                            BTW why those companies cause they are japanese companies who are historically good support for Nintendo. If Nintendo focus on them as well as well as Bandai, then they can that around, if they made the efforts in 2013 then 2016 and 2017 will be a very good year for the wii U but I strongely doubt they made those efforts.

                          7. So the odds are in Nintendo’s favor then. Good.

                            60% positive chance is way more than the Wii U ever had. Wii U had like a 10% chance at best.

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