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Video: Here’s What Animal Crossing Wii U Could Look Like

If Nintendo ever created an Animal Crossing game for the Wii U then it could well look like the video posted above. The video was created by Josh from the Bitblock and is part of an episodic series that he is sampling with titled “Make Believe.” It is unlikely that Animal Crossing will arrive on the Wii U at this point in time, but Josh has done a sterling job creating this mockup.


28 thoughts on “Video: Here’s What Animal Crossing Wii U Could Look Like”

    1. THAT BASTARD STOLE LIKE HALF MY IDEAS UNINTENTIONALLY!! Lol, but I’ll never be able to SHOW my ideas like this for AC WiiU, all I can do is just say them, I highly doubt anyone would care though… They are really awesome. I have yet to reveal any of my ideas/concepts but most of what this guy said is a mere fraction of what my concept is. I like the hot air balloon idea but my idea incorporates Space Rockets and visiting other peoples “Worlds”.

      Not sure if I’ll reveal my ideas soon but I revealed my ideas for Mario Kart 9 a while ago… You guys can read it if you want to…

      1. As a big AC fan… I can say this is AWESOME!

        Why can’t AC have some love from Nintendo? Why can’t the Wii U have great games of all great Nintendo franchises?


        As all of us can see from Josh’s video, is not that difficult to make something new and fresh that moves the gameplay and the mechanics away from those boring minigames that became a trend this generation.

        Gimme that true-to-roots AC now, Nintendo!


      2. I forgot to mention the letter tool he suggested: Although this would be a neat feature, something like that would never happen since Nintendo has to protect their children.

        Swapnote anyone?

        1. Had the same thought. Even though it seems like a pretty neat feature that would make letters so much more personal, I don’t think there’s much of a chance for it to happen.
          All regardless from AC for WiiU itself not looking like it has the best chances to happen, to begin with, lmao.

          1. LOL!

            Nintendo is always giving the fans* absolutely the opposite we desire.

            *or, at least, most of us, myself included — I’m doing this not to be accused again of generalizing my statements, LOL!

          2. Most likely true, BUT it would be cool if you could print out your designs and send them through the regular mail or scan them and send them that way through e-mail.

          3. Jaded Ridley X3 {I'm not whining, you suckers... *cough* ..poor souls! I've just been driven insane by Nintendo failing me one too many times this gen!}

            What we SHOULD have got: this!

            What we did get: a game that would have been better off as a board game using regular cards. :/

            1. Jaded Ridley X3 {I'm not whining, you suckers... *cough* ..poor souls! I've just been driven insane by Nintendo failing me one too many times this gen!}

              But gotta sell those amiibo cards somehow, right!?

          4. I think that we’ll never see a “true” AC game on a home console anymore, AC is a game that is perfect on handhelds, and both WW and NL sold very, very well.
            Don’t get me wrong, I’ll love to see a Wii U AC, but I think that AC is more a handheld oriented game, and apparently Nintendo shares this vision, beside it’s origin.
            Sorry about bad English.

          5. Creator: Glad I got to bring dreams of what we should have had to fruition for fans to see!

            Fans: Holy shit! Why didn’t we get this instead of Amiibo festival, this is AWESOME! This guy should be in charge of the next game!

            Nintendo: A fan making it better than US?! That shit ain’t gonna fly. Not. One. Bit.

            *Cease and desist envelope arrives at creator’s house*

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