Pre-Order The Art Of Fire Emblem: Awakening For Only $23.99 From Amazon

If you pre-order The Art of Fire Emblem: Awakening from Amazon, you can get it for a discounted price. The art book, which normally goes for $39.99, can be your for only $23.99 if you act fast. The Art of Fire Emblem: Awakening includes a behind-the-scenes look at Fire Emblem Awakening, featuring illustrated renditions of in-game characters, weapon designs, character profiles and more. It will be available in the U.S. from July 26, 2016.



  1. Man, I HATE the way they draw people’s facial profiles in anime. Their mouths, noses and chins are never fully aligned properly, especially when they’re turning sideways (I especially always noticed that in the Pokemon anime). They look like freaks. Not to mention the punk-rock hairdos and oversized eyes. And…….ok, I’ll shut up. Bottom line, people call anime more realistic than cartoons. But they sure don’t LOOK like real people. I just don’t understand the hardcore anime enthusiasts.

    1. It’s called being stylized. It’s also called creativity. As an artist myself, it’s frustrating to ever hear people talk about stylized drawings as if they’re bottom of the barrel. If you want realism, look in the mirror. It’s boring as an artist to constantly make things “realistic.” There’s no creative freedom in that. Also, you talk about anime as if it’s a strict design rule, where everything in its style is done the same. Some artists misalign the facial features to give off more emotion. Seeing the entire mouth helps distinguish more of how the character will feel to people. The mouth and eyes are always the most important in terms of emotion. But not all anime artists operate in that same way. Honestly, you just know nothing about designing characters. So I’m wasting my time.

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