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Ichiro Hazama Would Like To Continue Making Theatrhythm Games

In last month’s edition of Nintendo Dream, Theatrhythm producer Ichiro Hazama, made a few comments on the series noting that he wants to continue in making Theatrhythm games and asked fans to keep supporting these titles.

“This is Hazama from Square Enix. Last year at this place, I said ‘we’ll keep continuing Theatrhythm from hereafter too!’. Well then, I wonder how about next year[‘s continuity]. Personally, I still want to continue, and everyday I have been devising various plans. I’m full with a feeling to do something to make it happen, so I’ll be glad if you can wait with anticipation. With that being said, please keep supporting [the series] as usual from hereafter too!”

It looks like Hazama is positive about the future of Theatrhythm, and it’ll be interesting to see the next iteration in the series.

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