Amazon: Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival Bundle $28.97

If you were ever considering picking up Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival then now could be the time to take the plunge. Amazon is selling the bundle which comes with two amiibo for less than half price. If you want it then it can be yours for $28.79. It’s unusual for first party Nintendo titles to drop in price so quickly so presumably it just hasn’t been selling as well as the company had initially expected.


  1. Keep on lowering that price, might be the only way to get it to sell. I thought it would flop around like a lvl 10 Magikarp. From what little I’ve read it seems people aren’t enjoying it. Just imagine how many more copies of a REAL Animal Crossing game would have sold. Remember that “what it could look like” video? I do, and Nintendo would have already had my money if it was a reality. Sad really, it’s getting some fairly bad reviews. Who asked for a board game rip off anyway? How many pots was smoked, and can I get in on that dankstersarous rex Festivus?

      1. I think majority of good games are when baked as a cake. Cubivore for example is hella fun. But on a serious note, I was hoping for a traditional AC game for Wii U, one jam packed with shenanigans and quality content Nintendo is known for. There’s still time Ninty, let’s get it together.


  2. That’s right. Keep tumbling down in price, you bastard. Of course, this bundle of the game with the amiibo is just there so Nintendo can say the game is selling well when it was in fact just the amiibos the game came with that was selling. Luckily, it backfired!

    Sorry but yet another trick to manipulate and/or blackmail people into buying yet another spin-off (the other being that Chibi-Robo spin-off trite) when people want the real thing has failed, NintenD’OH! *facepalm* Now to just wait for Metroid Prime: Federation Farce to, hopefully, do the same. Come on, Nintendo fanbase! Prove to some of us here that the fanboys & casuals are indeed just a very small minority of Nintendo customers!

  3. I didn’t expect too much with this game when I bought it. I mostly wanted the amiibo. But after hearing SO many bad things about this game, I haven’t touched it since I bought it. If it was as good as the original Mario Party series was, it would have been AWESOME! Speaking of Mario Party, the same thing happened with Mario Party 10. I never touched it after buying it. Nintendo needs to get a different team to work on the Mario Party series, because Nd Cube is destroying it!

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