A rumour posted on TiLMENDOMiNATiON’s Twitter page suggests that Monolith Soft are in the process of making a sequel to Xenoblade Chronicles X for the NX. Tilmen suggests that it would be more story based, and will allow you to transfer your save data from its Wii U predecessor.

At the moment, this is just a rumour, but here’s to hoping it’s true. If it is, more information should come to light in the coming months surrounding this.


Thanks, N-Dub Nation



    • No shit. XP Either Galaxy 3 (or an HD Super Mario Galaxy Trilogy edition) or maybe Sunshine 2 following up the hype of Splatoon which followed up that game’s concept to turn into their version of Gears of War.


  1. I think it’s going to happen anyway, but this guy is very unreliable. To the point where every single ‘rumour’ he’s created has been fake. He said F-ZERO was happening countless times, and that Diddy Kong Racing 2 was also happening. These were back in like 2013/2014.

    Just, no.

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  2. I fucking knew it. There too MANY fucking hole in that game. You leave holes so that you can fill them in in the the next entry. Honestly speaking I would like to see each race branch out from New LA create their own divisions. You already have fucking made. Just simply add their HQ’s.

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    • Chains of Lucifer X3 {Free Urselves, Nintendites (fanbitches), from Nintendo's shackles! If U don't, U will fall when they do. All must come to an end as nothing created by humans is 4ever. Ur precious Almighty God Nintendo is not beyond corruption.}

      Agreed. I want to see the rest of the Empire being freed of it’s corruption. The first game made it pretty clear Lazulis Island wasn’t the only kingdom within the Empire that was corrupt.


  3. They already said they were making a console Xeno game and it would be more story driven. Now as for it being a sequel to X and the save data tranfering I’m not sure. Though, that would be just the most EPIC thing ever!

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        • >>>Well as far as my understanding goes with human languages, you usually put an “an” before “X” words like Xbot>>>

          >>>Whether the same goes for Xenoblade I’m not 100% sure>>>


          • ‘An’ typically goes before words that are phonetically spoken with a vowel sound, not just certain letters. So it would be ‘an’ X-ray, as it’s spoken ‘Ex-Ray’, whereas Xenoblade is phonetically ‘Zen-o-blade’ so would be ‘a’. That’s rule of thumb, but also just reading it aloud is another way of making sure!

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  4. And I was recently thinking a remaster of Xenoblade Chronicles X on the NX would look freaking fantastic. Sequel is even much, much better. The rumour makes sense, as I feel confident we can continue seeing more Xenoblade for future Nintendo consoles, but still doesn’t mean it is true.


  5. It is very likely in development, the stage is the question… story is where they are starting and it all takes time… Not sure how many writers there would be (someone with the the other games can say better) but likely just a couple start formulating the story and it might be an outsourced thing in that someone who isn’t a developer starts writing an outline for that… Either way, 3-5 years probably


  6. “will allow you to transfer your save data from its Wii U predecessor.”

    Well I’m guaranteed to buy the NX if this is true. I’m 100+ hours in with most side missions done, and half story.


  7. If it’s true, please make it so that character affinity transfers over. I don’t care if I need to grind all the way back from level 1 XP-wise, but character affinity is the biggest pain in the ass I’ve ever encountered in a videogame.

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  8. I already lost a large portion of my life to Xenoblade X, so a sequal would just eradicate me from existence.

    Well, that is IF it is true. IF! I-F.


  9. Oh Damn, I bought my Wii U three years ago for the sole purpose of playing Xenoblade X. Now they will make me buy a new console on release day only to play yet another sequel to Xenoblade that will probably be released on 202X.
    Hell, I know I will end up doing it again, but I hope this time its not just a dust collector until Xenoblade is released.

    PS: On a side not still waiting SMTxFE western release date.


  10. Chains of Lucifer X3 {Free Urselves, Nintendites (fanbitches), from Nintendo's shackles! If U don't, U will fall when they do. All must come to an end as nothing created by humans is 4ever. Ur precious Almighty God Nintendo is not beyond corruption.}

    Interesting. Now if Monolith Soft could just stop the far right fools at Nintendo of America from removing features that some might actually want… like a boob slider. Add an ass slider, too, just to piss off the SJWs & other Nintendite scurge that support NoA’s ridiculous censorship/localization/whatever bullshit damage control defense these fanbitches want to use to defend their False Almighty God Nintendo.


  11. The very next tweet from him is this:

    “#PokemonZ will be Free2Start NX launch title.
    – mmorpg…
    – 3 developers working together
    – Sync XY and ORAS Saves.”

    So yeah. Tilmen was just having a little fun, and I love watching him for that sort of thing. I’m not the least bit surprised that N-Dubt Nation were the ones who tried to sell this as a story. Their enthusiasm was great at first, especially around 2010 when I first found them, but it really does reside in the blindest corner of the internet’s fanboy region.

    All that said, I’d love for a save transfer feature to occur with certain Nintendo games on the NX. Splatoon definitely needs to get player data over there come the time an NX entry is released. Starting from scratch would likely kill that community.


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