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Check Out The Mew Distribution Pokemon Trailer

Pokemon’s official YouTube channel posted a brand new trailer that elaborated more on how the Mythical Pokemon Mew would contribute to the franchise’s 20th anniversary festivities. We know now that Mew will serve a larger role than previously told, where it was announced that you could get Mew for Pokemon X, Pokemon Y, Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire at local stores this month.

The trailer, less than a minute long, shows off Mew in-game and makes a few new announcements. Firstly, the Pokemon Trading Card Game will receive a Mythical Pokemon Collection featuring Mew – which you’ll be able to purchase in the Pokemon Center store and select retailers this month.

Secondly, Pokemon: The First Movie and Pokemon: The Movie 2000 are now available to download from the iTunes Store, Google Play and Amazon Instant Video, while the former will have an interactive story in the iBooks section of the Apple iStore very soon. And the fun doesn’t stop there either, as fans can find a limited-edition 8” Mew plush and 2” Mew figure at GameStop stores this month. Will you be picking up Mew or any of the 20th Anniversary edition memorabilia over the coming weeks? Let us know in the comment section below.



8 thoughts on “Check Out The Mew Distribution Pokemon Trailer”

    1. Nintendo Sub-Commander Cereza

      I didn’t even know Celebi was IN Pokemon GS until YEARS later. And I finally got a Celebi in my Pokémon Crystal using some weird Egg-glitch. That was in 2013. I finally got all 251 Pokémon. And then my Save-battery died 1 year later… It was quite unfortunate.

      1. I hear you… I just had to send my copy of red version in to get the battery changed :/ I bought a Super Gameboy cart, and realized the battery was done for as I loaded it up ;-; I never knew about Celebi either lol. I didn’t know about the Eon Ticket in Ruby/Saphire either until a friend gave me one XD

  1. Chains of Lucifer X3 {Let the shackles be released! Or fall forever!}

    This year’s Mew distribution with the words “Train On.” next to it. How can we train Mew if it’s really at level 100 like we’ve heard from a previous article?

    1. Chains of Lucifer X3 {Let the shackles be released! Or fall forever!}

      I really should have stopped at Gamestop when I was close to one earlier to see what level Mew is being given away at but didn’t because I already got a Mew at level 100 that I trained from level 50. Does anyone know if Mew is being released at level 100 or level 50 this month?

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