Rumour: Nintendo “Doubled Down” On Star Fox Zero Motion Controls

A rumour has appeared online suggesting that Nintendo and Platinum Games have doubled down on the motion controls in the troubled Star Fox Zero. The game understandably is in its final stages of development and Platinum and Nintendo have been hard at work tweaking the motion controls and reinforcing them. NeoGAF member ShockingAlberto claims that the game has been in “development hell” and that “fundamental control aspects simply don’t work.”

“I also heard that Star Fox Zero is in the final stretches, which makes sense since it’s coming out in April. But it’s not all cat treats and scratching posts for the game. The foxing minds at Nintendo and PlatinumGames doubled down on motion controls. My owner dug those controls, but seems like most people disagreed with him (like I often do). Could it spell doom for Star Fox? I don’t really know.”


“From what I have heard, development hell would be characterizing it charitably.
More like “Everyone is panicking as the game gets sent to certification because certain fundamental control aspects simply don’t work.”


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      1. Me too. Nintendo cannot afford to fuck this up. And I’m sure if they just let Platinum make the game, it would have been amazing. Fingers crossed.

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  1. If this is true, then what the fuck?! Who asked for motion controls anyway? For fuck sake. Miyamoto still stuck in Wii mode. It’s just a rumor, but if it’s true then I’m gonna be pissed. Game comes out in two months and they still have these problems? They should have allowed standard controls as an option. This makes it sound like motion is the only option. And they can’t get it to work, then this game is gonna flop worse than the Wii U. I really hope this is just a rumor.

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      1. I hope we can turn them off. The way this article is written, it confuses me a little. It sort of sounded like it was only motion control. Motion controls for some people is fine, if they want the option. But there should be an option for those that don’t want it also. This is just a rumor, so I’m not going to believe it until Nintendo verifies it if true. I am getting really tired of all these Nintendo rumors though. People should shut the fuck up and stop making up false and baseless rumors. Not saying all are false, but the ones that are and have no actual sources, they need to end. Well, then again, if they did end, I suppose we wouldn’t have anything to talk about on this website since Nintendo has been pretty scarce lately with any information of substance related to games or the NX. Financial meetings and the president talking about goals and such with an eshop game or DLC has been the main topics lately.

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  2. But I don’t get it. If it really is that bad, then delay it again. They don’t really have anything to lose this time, sans the cost of an extra few months development. It would lead to an extreme barren period for Wii U but it’s not like Wii U owners aren’t used to those (and it’s not like there won’t be a barren period directly after the release of this game anyway!)

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  3. I’d believe this from Sega or another company known for rushing games, but I just don’t see Nintendo pulling something like this. They delayed it for Spring, and it’s not being rushed for a holiday release, so I don’t see how this would be an issue given the time they’ve already spent on this game.

    Hypothetically speaking though; if there where no motion controls, I wouldn’t care. I don’t like the game pad gimmicks the Wii U pushes, and I use the Pro Controller on every title that lets me. The only game I’ve played where I actually enjoyed motion controls (I’m including Wii games and Yoshi Topsy Turvy is this too lol) is Splatoon.

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    1. Splatoon? Really? I never use the motion controls on the gamepad. It just feels so unnatural. The wii remote makes sense because you hold in one hand and basically have full range of motion just by turning your wrist. It operates the same way a flashlight or laser pointer would. But the gamepad forces you to actually move your entire arms (both arms) sometimes.

      By the way, have you tried any of the Metroid Prime games on Wii. I thought the motion controls for them worked better than any fps I can think of.

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      1. I know a few people who are the same as you. Which is cool, everyone has a different point of view. Did you know the majority of people play with motion controls, according to the developers. MyNintendoNews has an article about it.

        I actually play a lot better with motion controls. I bet Starfox will be like Splatoon, where you can play either way, but they made the game with motion controls in mind

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      2. Interesting, I just checked out the article. A lot of people in the comments said motion controls work much better. I tried using motion when the game first came out, but it just didn’t feel like it worked in a fps. It didn’t feel like the Wii Remote does.

        I’ll have to try them out again tonight. If they improve my gameplay, I’ll be more than happy to switch.

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      3. Most people use the motion controls because they’re the default control method and the vast majority of people aren’t even aware that you can turn them off.

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      4. If you can master the motion controls on Splatoon it is possible to reach a higher level of play than you could with just dual-sticks. This is why all (good) Splatoon speedrunners use motion controls. Not saying you should use them of course – you should use what you find comfortable – but they do just allow for that little extra speed and accuracy (I also find it way more intuitive than dual stick as well, which I’ve always found a clunky control method)

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      5. “This is why all (good) Splatoon speedrunners use motion controls.”

        Hmm, not sure if I should be insulted by this or not. Lol.

        I find it interesting that you say you’ve always found dual sticks clunky though. They’ve worked pretty well since they were first introduced. However, I do think that wii remote controls worked better for fps games than anything else I’ve ever used.


    2. I tried those Splatoon motion controls and they were just so weird and awkward to me. I think my favorite game to make good use of the motion controls was that old Speed Racer game on the Wii lol


      1. if you force yourself to just use motion controls. Before long you will see that it is the best way to go. It takes a lot of practice (I suggest you beat the single player mode using motion controls the whole time to get used to them) but seriously makes you a much better player and also makes the game more enjoyable. It was made for motion controls in mind. It’s what the devs wished for you to experience. Having played both ways extensively I have come to the conclusion that it’s better by far.


      1. Because those gimmicks are universally used & well established so they ceased being gimmicks. Motion control, as much as I like them for certain games, hasn’t hit that mark just yet. Not to mention motion controls still have some flaws that need fixing.

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      2. So did the directional pad and analogue sticks when they first came out. Things were said about them too. The flaws and d pad and analogue sticks still have flaws.


  4. I have such an overwhelming boatload of unplayed games that even if Star Fox Zero didn’t release in April, it’s no problem for me. My adult life sure is different from my childhood life. I buy games and never touch them because of having so many (I can imagine what it’s like for rich people). But if Star Fox Zero gets delayed yet again, I feel sorry for all of those who has no new games, and was waiting for this to release. I remember what that pain and agony of frustration and impatience felt like.

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  5. I for one look forward to the motion controls, and we already have learned that you don’t have to play with them.

    I almost wonder if someone made this up. Neogaf+pretending to be cats= Someone was trying to hard to make a story. Give me a better source and I will consider this more.

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  6. First of all “RUMOR” like every fucking day on here, 2nd this idiot probably is just a Motion Control hater, 3rd Miyamoto stated how many times the controls are a challenge at first then it clicks and it’s amazing, hell even GameXplain when they played it once they got used to it they liked it, and I call them GameComplain for crying out loud. And to the author of this article, since when is Starfox Zero “troubled”? Bunch of babies I swear, this is why Nintendo treats us like idiots cause people like this make their voices heard when they’re nothing but a bacteria.

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  7. Wow, this actually became an article?! XD. NWR was just having fun w/ their cats! You guys really will print anything.

    This is why checking sources on articles here is important.

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