Video: Here’s Mario Kart With 101 Players

If you’re after an incredibly trippy experience then you may want to see what Mario Kart on the Super Nintendo is like with 101 players. YouTuber Hat-Loving Gamer has achieved the feat and has recreated the classic racer to include characters such as Cat Peach, Bomberman, Earthworm Jim and Ecco the Dolphin. It really has to be seen to be believed!




    1. ~*Got a problem with that? I burst out laughing when Toad got his ass, and ride, GTA’d only to GTA Captain Falcon of his ride.*~

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  1. ~*The best part is when Toad gets GTA’d then GTA’s Captain Falcon! lmfao*~


    1. ~*Speaking of Grand Theft Auto, if Samuel L Jackson is not in a future GTA movie as one of the GTA guys, what a missed opportunity to hear Samuel drop the MF bomb on a regular basis.*~

      Warning. This video is NSFW or NSFPP which stands for N.ot S.afe F.or P.rude/P.uritan P.eople.


  2. And of course Tyris Flare has to be the cheap driver that uses her spells in a race. The bitch is salty because she was involved in the shitfest known as Golden Axel: Beast Riders


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