Nintendo UK: Win Animal Crossing Amiibo With Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

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  1. Last year, Nintendo killed Animal Crossing not once, but twice: with this fool sandbox home designer, and with that pointless eletronic board game which requires those aberrations called amiibo.


    1. Oh yeah, good call.

      Whenever I see the game’s I cringe. I don’t get it, a conventional AC title that was hella updated with activities, connectivity and expanded options for building and giving your town that personalized touch. How about letting people connect online and live together in a huge house?! …Small rant here…

      1. Yes, definitely. Everyone understands that a conventional AC title would be awesome on the Wii U — but Nintendo.

        Nintendo needs to learn what is fanservice.

        1. ~*They know what fanservice is. They just don’t like it. Just look at the removal of the petting game in Fire Emblem Fates & the bust slider’s removal in XCX or, for a less “perverted” example, the development of Metroid Prime: Federation Farce instead of a true Metroid Prime game.*~

          1. Yeah, pretty much… Like I said once about NoA people waking up in the morning and having a “hey, what can I do today to screw NA consumers?” as their very first daily thought. The logic here is exactly the one you mentioned in your comment: “Want a true to roots Metroid? We give you Federation Force (Farce, LOL!)”; “In the need of a conventional, home console AC game? Have the amiibo festival instead!”; “Looking forward to play FE/XCX as it is in the East? Eat these censored versions, we know it’s better for you!”; “Hardcopy of Fatal Frame? We appreciate your input, but you can download the eletronic version on the eShop!”; “More content for Mario Maker? Sure, get these awesome costumes!”; so on, so forth.

            1. ~*Ugh! Don’t remind me of Fatal Frame 5! I’m still annoyed we don’t get the lingerie outfits here in ‘Murica! It’s a fucking horror game. Women ending up in their skivvies is a fucking stable of horror games/movies! This is why Nintendo needs to fire all of the prudes/puritans at Nintendo’s American Sect! Retards should not be in charge of a company that should be appealing to EVERYONE, not just children & soccer mommies. Imagine if Hollywood allowed itself to be ran by those types of people. *shudders at the thought*~

              1. Threehouse guys think they are in the position of deciding what we can and what we cannot play/see/listen to. Heck, we can, we want, and we must decide by ourselves what kind of content we’ll be getting exposed to.

            2. ~*And you just reminded me of one of the reasons I’ve lost interest in Fire Emblem Fates & why I’m not in a rush to get XCX.*~

              1. I think the whole content of FE: Fates is overpriced. This is the main reason I’ll be skipping it. Unless I find an awesome deal eventually, I won’t be getting it at all.

                Of course, the censoring issue plus the excessive delay to localize it to the West also play an important role in my decision.

            3. ~*And people like Brandon Headache, alexsmith113, smashbroslink, and a few others wonder why I complain so much. There’s the stuff you mentioned & then there is the fact I no longer have my head up Nintendo’s ass while looking at them through blind loyalty glasses. I’ve spent most of my life being a Nintendo fanboy giving them passes & get out of jail free cards until 2-3 years ago. Forgive me if I’m finally being a consumer instead of a retarded gamer that just buys something just for the sake of support. *cough* I need to better fuse my Ridley & Lucifer personas. The past few days I’ve been more Ridley X3 than I have Lucifer X3.*~

              1. Nintendo has lost me as well. I mean, I’ve always been a multiplat guy, but also a Nintendo diehard fan since I grew up on them. But today I’m even more open-minded.

                I honestly don’t want to discuss with fanboys anymore — at least not the way I used to. I used to fly off the handle so easily and ended up offending some people here. Anyways, I still talk to them, try to elaborate a good argument, but, you know… I lose 99% of the times. I’m fine with it today, although, of course, I would like to see people assuming strong, assertive positions towards Nintendo whenever it is needed. I feel that Nintendo fans are way permissive to the company’s BS, as you point out in your comment above.

                I’ve been voting with my wallet — Mario Maker was the last Nintendo title I bought — and will keep doing the same. I’ll grab Star Fox and Zelda U, as I’m hungry for them, then I’m done with the Wii U, as I’ve been done with the 3DS. I won’t be getting any Nintendo system day one anymore, and, I will be watching what are the following Nintendo steps, taking a deep breath and honestly hoping they go back to the relevance they used to have in the past.

    2. ~*To be honest, Happy Home Designer is a great idea. Just… It shouldn’t have been a solo game but an inexpensive expansion DLC pack for New Leaf or a feature for a future mainline Animal Crossing game where instead of being the mayor, you are the home designer for the town instead.*~

      1. -||A DLC is what I first thought it was when I first saw it||-

      2. Yeah, yeah, yeah, that would be perfect. But Nintendo opted to flush a great opportunity to give AC fans a game which does justice to the series.

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