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The English Version Of Fire Emblem Fates Has Dubbed Petting Mini-Game Lines

Lines that could have been intended for the removed petting mini-game in Fire Emblem Fates was discovered. It is the latest development in a series of headlines involving the removal of the mini-game, which has spawned communal speculation and debate on Nintendo’s motivation behind the removal.

The Birthright and Conquest versions of Fire Emblem Fates are now available in North America and the Revelation version will arrive on March 10th. All three versions will arrive in Europe later this year.


Thanks, MasterPikachu6



    1. It doesn’t bother you even slightly knowing the fact that NOA thinks you are not mature enough to handle the petting mechanic? You see, it doesn’t matter if you liked the feature or not, or thought the feature was silly and useless, it’s the fact that Nintendo doesn’t think we are mature enough to handle it that bothers me. And it should bother you too. It was an OPTIONAL feature. It should have never been removed. Only thing that bugs me worse than NOA cutting content are fans that sympathize with NOA cutting content.

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      1. This. Nintendo has to stop treating their customers like babies. Most of us are adults. WE pay for their games. Not 6 year olds. And BTW the game is rated teen. So anyone who’s sensitive and easily offended shouldn’t be playing. It’s not meant to be taken seriously anyways. It’s not creepy either, just silly. Either way, no reason to take it out. It’s basically Pokémon amie. Nobody says that’s offensive.

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      2. Cutting content? This is about, what I feel, is a pointless mechanic to the game. And actually no, it doesn’t bother me because I know that since it’s Nintendo’s hardware, they have that right. I don’t care if Nintendo thinks I’m not mature enough to handle a petting mini game, I know what I can handle. I actually take some amount of pride in at least thinking Nintendo could still make family friendly decisions based on the good of children. People are literally getting upset over a fake relationship building game with fictional characters. If anything, humans need more actual human interaction. This site proves it.


      3. Well, to each their own. Maybe oneday NOA will cut content from a game that you didn’t want cut. And maybe then someone on a forum will tell you how pointless that cut content was and it doesn’t bother them that it was cut. And then you tell them the cut content was optional and could have been ignored by people who didn’t want to use the mechanic..And finally you get pissed at NOA for removing content for no reason at all. And then you will see where I’m coming from.

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      4. And btw, most people in real life don’t want to talk about video games. This is one of the few places I can come and give my opinions and hear others opinions about video games. Sorry if you feel this is somehow a bad thing..


      5. You got a fact checker on that? I here and see people talking about video games every day, that doesn’t even include the crap my friends and coworkers talk about that relates to gaming. I said nothing of the sort, my comment was purely aimed at the cut content. I think these forums are very helpful and a fun way for people to communicate. So your apology is really unnecessary. No harm was done. And yes I agree, to each their own.


  1. This whole localization thing is what gets on my nerves they punish the majority due to the hyper sensitivity of the minority and I’m not just referring to fire emblem. As far as I’m concerned for any games getting a global release either everything goes through or no one gets the experience. It steals from the game’s experience and that isn’t fair to the gaming community

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  2. Meh. I don’t care anymore. I got Project X Zone 2, another T for Teen rated game, that doesn’t have silly censorship getting in the way. So it’s okay, Nintendo, since I have a suitable replacement for my TRPG needs.


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