Miitomo Has Topped The Android Charts In Japan

Following its early success on iOS, Miitomo has topped the Android charts in Japan. Nintendo’s first mobile application was initially released on March 17 in Japan. It is scheduled for a worldwide release before the end of the month. The app will launch simultaneously with the new My Nintendo rewards program, which will allow Miitomo users to expand their experience.



  1. I’m glad it’s doing well in Japan, but I can’t see this being nearly as successful in the world. I mean, it’s just miis chatting… My guess is that it’s doing well in Japan because anything Nintendo sells well over there. Here in the US though, it’s not exactly the case. I don’t think Nintendo can rely on brand alone here, and there’s not much to offer from this app from what I’ve seen.

  2. im still a little unclear about what this is….. im afraid i just dont have the friends it would require to utilize the features of Miitomo :( #soloquestingforlife

    1. Its essentially an app that lets you feed it with information about yourself and your mii basically talks about you to others. Target market is obviously towards more introverted people who have trouble personally speaking about their stuff.

        1. Im just recalling what nintendo themselves stated they had in mind with the app. Of course they can miss the intention by quite a long shot.

      1. You don’t honestly expect everyone to say “In my opinion” every time they talk about something they don’t like, do you? Serious question.

    1. Nintendo did very minimal marketing, so I’m going to say it’s off of the “new product” buzz, and, I believe, a fun little title. Obviously nothing requiring dedication, but something small to keep you entertained for a few minutes a day.

  3. Japan, Japan, Japan. Why are the best video game companies based in a country that either don’t care about true video games, anymore, or are really into the next big fad? *points at how at one point that they liked to carry a little dog, preferably a chihuahua, with them wherever they went because Paris Hilton did it* This is why Konami are going full retard & want to go all in with mobile gaming because they want to cash in on the newest fad in Japan. … *sigh*

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