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NeoGAF Insider Who Predicted Pokemon B&W Says We’ll Get NX Info Before E3

NeoGAF member Orgen who correctly predicted Pokemon Black & White before the official unveiling has said that we will get Nintendo NX information before E3 this June. We know that the platform is set to be revealed by Nintendo this year.

I only said that we’ll get more NX info before E3. I think (and now this is personal opinion) it’ll be more related to a full reveal than a “we’re working on it and we’ll see more at E3” so that’s why I said that I don’t know if this new info will be in the briefing meeting or a separate direct. But you can bet that you’re going to get more NX info before E3. And yeah, I love winking ;D

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51 thoughts on “NeoGAF Insider Who Predicted Pokemon B&W Says We’ll Get NX Info Before E3”

    1. So many insiders, everybody wants their knowledge known when no one believes them. In the thread the tweet is from, no one believes him. Why is this close to being newsworthy? Here is some NX news. Nintendo will reveal the NX when they ready to. Just wait and see they will reveal it.

        1. Yeah, I didn’t think it was that close so I was surprised… Perhaps we can get a Nintendo Direct to reveal hardware and then games at E3? Reveal the dual release of “Zelda: The Sword of Waiting A Really Long Time God Damn This Game Better Be The Best Thing Since Sliced Grass” on Wii U and NX

          1. What I’m thinking is they’ll have a little direct showing the design and some small talk about the console itself and what’s to come later this year. Then at E3 they’ll dive deeper into the NX console, future NX games, last few big name Wii U titles (like Zelda U), etc… And I definitely agree that Zelda U has been delayed too much. This game needs to be fucking amazing.

              1. It was only delayed one time. Now the dev time will be the same as SS. We haven’t waited that long. Zelda games take a long time to make.

                1. We’ve waited plenty since the announcement and it was delayed once after a long wait already. I understand that we should wait for the quality we expect, but sthey shouldn’t have shot their wad saying Holiday 2015 and now at least a 10 month delay, if not year

                  1. We always have a long wait in between the first announcement and the release. It was already a long shot for a 2015 release. I mean, your gonna take 5 years for SS and then only 4 for this much bigger scaled game? Wasn’t ever gonna happen.

                    1. I’d say we are both ignorant to the ins and outs of developlment, how long and what aspects were being developed when, size of the teams, streamlining the process with new software/hardware etc… It doesn’t matter, if it was such a long shot, don’t tell people Holiday 2015 and then we MAYBE get it holiday 2016

                      1. Well they did announce the delay WAY ahead of time. Its not like a month before release they delayed it. They gave us the info as soon as they knew it wasn’t gonna be 2015, they didn’t hide it under the rug until the last minute.

                            1. I’m not sure what that means, but in my wanting the game already, said game is finished. The time it takes is arbitrary and trying to decipher why it takes this or that long is all conjecture

                              1. Well obviously the games not done yet otherwise it would be out. They’re not sitting there with an finished game going “hmm i guess we should delay this.” So why would i want them to have released it last year unfinished? I would have waited through 4 yrs of development time for an unfinished game, i rather wait an extra year and have a finished game.

                        1. If Zelda U ends up like Twilight Princess where we build up so much hype for the game only to get let down when finally playing it & getting over the hype & realizing the game wasn’t as great as we were expecting, I’m gonna be pissed & depressed. :/

                      1. and you have no idea, and unless the NX is backwards compatible, I expect it to be released on both, with maybe a physical version only on the NX if it even plays physical games, which we don’t know about

                    2. lol Nice subtitle for the next home console Zelda game. Good description of what everyone is thinking & feeling, too.

            1. Interesting, but only one way to find out, and that’s by playing the waiting game till Nintendo officially reveals it.

            2. What’s going to drive me INSANE is that I know that Nintendo probably won’t reveal the price of the NX until closer to it’s release. And I won’t know how much money to save. AHHHHH!!!!
              That drove me totally crazy with the Wii U when they did that.

              1. Same. Though I always try to put away more money than it’ll probably end up costing so that way if I did it right I can use the left over cash on more games.

            3. I’m taking this rumor with a truckload of salt. I personally believe that Nintendo will unveil the unified NX systems directly at E3 this June.

              1. |||Nintendo Dark Commander Quadraxis-NX Prime|||

                -||Or some other event they invent themselves||-

                -||But yes, most likely E3||-

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            5. Yeah, I still think it’s going to be revealed at E3… That (and Zelda U Gameplay <3) is the kind of thing Nintendo needs to show to win E3. My boys gotta bring in the big guns <3

              I'm not gonna take any rumors or leaks seriously. Some where kinda cool, but it's still 99% junk :p

            6. I read that as we will get NX before E3…was like you’re a dipshit. Then saw “info” before E3. And was like oh…another one of “those” guys. Nintendo MIGHT say before E3, “We will finally be talking about the NX, at E3!” But that’s about it.

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            8. If E3 is becoming as irrelevant as many critics & E3 fans alike believe, this guy will be right & they will reveal somethig of the NX before E3. That or something of the game will get leaked before E3, forcing Nintendo’s hand to spill the beans or risk letting another Cranky Kong incident occur. Or it’ll be a leak that everyone thinks is a rumor only for E3 to reveal it was not a rumor but true as Nintendo tells us exactly the same thing the leak, thought to be a rumor, said. Or this guy just got lucky with B&W & hasn’t been lucky with his predictions since.

            9. I think all signs point to the NX being a console-handheld hybrid that will be about as powerful as current gen hardware and that will include some weird ass controller. It will interface with your smart devices in a fairly cumbersome, half-assed way that nobody will ultimately use. They will continue to employ the blue water strategy even though, in reality, there is no blue water, and there is fierce competition at every turn. What this translates to is a very narrow yet unfocused marketing strategy wherein Nintendo fruitlessly tries to cater to the mini-van crowd with a rather cringeworthy parent-approved, kid-friendly emphasis on “fun”. All this while continuing to treat its core fans with scorn and contempt. The one thing Nintendo will do right is make their hardware more like the ps4 and xb1 under the hood and thus easier to port games to. Consider this a decent approximation of what the system will be. Count on it.

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