Miitomo Will Be Getting An Update In The Near Future

Nintendo’s mobile application Miitomo will be getting an update soon bringing some new features. There’s no confirmed date for the update as of yet, but details of what it will entail are available:

  • You’ll be able to send friends requests to friends of friends.
  • “Everybody Answers” events will launch, where a featured question will be available for users to answer.
  • There will also be an “Online Answers” functionality meaning you can view people’s answers that have been shared on Twitter.

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  1. Looking forward to this and it’s great to see them making updates already. I’m particularly hoping for the ability to customize the room and be able to post Miifotos whenever we want. Can’t wait for the US release!

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  2. regular social media is so full d-bags and ass clownery that I looking forward to just some mindlessness that is actually just for fun’s sake as opposed to just mindlessness by people who think they are being smart, cute or whatever the hell people think

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