Video: Users Can Take Advantage of Super Mario World Glitches To Inject Flappy Bird’s Code

Sethbling has made a video demonstrating a new discovery by p4plus2, who has written the code. Sethbling and others can exploit some glitches of Super Mario World to inject p4plus2’s Flappy Bird code into unused portions of the game’s memory. It turns Super Mario World into a completely different game.

Sethbling elaborates in the video, which you can watch below, that it should take an hour if he doesn’t make any mistakes. If he makes even a single mistake, two things can happen. The game will crash, or he will have to start the section over again. MrCheese is also thanked in the video for the route Sethbling is taking.


Thanks, CM30



      1. Yea any normal person would not care about this at all. I find this kind of stuff fascinating. Like that one guy that beat a Super Mario 64 level with just half an A press that took him 25 hours.


    1. No cheat codes. He did a bunch of rather complex glitches to make the game “semi-crash,” and really mess it up. Then, taking advantage of this glitchy state, he jumped and did other stuff at *very* specific points in the stage to actually code the game *while he was playing it.* Once he was done, he activated it (by collecting a mushroom), and then Flappy Bird – the game he had just coded – began to play.

      Normally when people use this glitch, they do it to beat the game as quickly as possible. They “semi-crash” the game, and then do a little bit of in-game coding that tells the game to bring them right to the end. Which is, as one may imagine, much simpler than coding an entire Flappy Bird game. People have, in the past, programmed computers to press the controller’s buttons perfectly in order to code games in Super Mario World and other games (look up TASBot on YouTube), but this is the first time that a human has done the whole thing unassisted.


    1. When I ended to watch the video I didn’t even understand what he did, I had to see it twice; then when I realized that he actually wrote the code -playing- I was exactly the second one in the paint, the one with the lance who is about to kill the “sorcerer”

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