Video: Here’s Some Star Fox Guard Footage

The intriguing Star Fox Guard launches alongside Star Fox Zero on April 22nd and looks set to make the most of the under-utilised Wii U GamePad. YouTuber Riff Raff has posted the prologue to the standalone game but it’s all in French. Still, we haven’t seen much in the way of footage for Star Fox Guard so it is more than welcome. Star Fox Guard comes pre-bundled with Star Fox Zero in the United States and is available as a standalone game in Europe.


  1. This actually looks pretty fun. well one. I still think we’ll see Project Robot in a rock’em sock’em robot type of game. There’s lots of potential with that one. Project Guard is done perfectly as an add on instead of it’s own game


      1. I just had to make sure I got a physical copy of Guard- I have a friend who isn’t big on Star Fox but loves Five Nights at Freddy’s, so he can borrow it while I play through the actual game, heh.


  2. Oh my god! Nintendo really is stalking this place! In that case, Nintendo of America sucks! Fire every single one of those idjits there! Now! …please…


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