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Nintendo & Cartamundi Have Resolved The Pokémon Shuffle Legal Dispute

The trademark dispute that arose between Nintendo and Cartamundi, a playing card company, has been resolved. Last year, the latter filed a trademark dispute against Nintendo for Pokémon Shuffle. This is because of the use of the word “Shuffle” in the title. As of April 11th, 2016, Cartamundi has withdrawn their opposition to the trademark, confirming that the companies have reached an agreement. Nintendo can use its mark for all goods. The only exception to this is card-related games.


Thanks, MasterPikachu6


  1. Well…

    … that was a good waste of time, money, and lawyers.

    (The only ones that win are the lawyers, who laugh of the faces of corps who start throwing money everywhere. By the way, I’m not against having IP; I just think this is a little ironic.)


  2. This is what happens when dumbasses think they can trademark one, single commonly-used word. I could understand an original, made-up word like Carovivity (don’t ask), or an original, made-up name, but just one word everyone uses? You’re picking a fight you can’t win (but if you somehow do, triple check everything because that means someone cheated- follow the money).

    Who they going to target next? The Goonies because the fat kid does the Truffle Shuffle?

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    1. i think they went after nintendo because they thought it was a playing card game and not checked that pokemon shuffle is a puzzle game similar to columns (noticed i compared it to sega’s game and not the f*cking atrocious “game” called candy crush)


      1. Didn’t the makers of CCS go after someone because they had the word “Saga” in their IP? They’re just as bad in this case.

        …Also this bodes badly for someone like me who wants to use the word “Crush” in one of his game titles…

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  3. How bad is trademarking & copyrighting law when people can actually legally do this with one single common word? That’s like Nintendo doing this with Legend in Legend of Zelda then suing everyone that dares put Legend in the title of their game.


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