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Pokemon Shuffle Trademark Opposed By Playing Card Company


Cartamundi’s Shuffle has filed a trademark opposition against the Pokemon Company for the recently released mobile game Pokemon Shuffle. Cartamundi’s Shuffle, which is an application combined with playing cards, resents the Pokemon Company using the word Shuffle in their free to play mobile title and claims that it damages Cartamundi’s business. You can read all about the lawsuit, right here.



67 thoughts on “Pokemon Shuffle Trademark Opposed By Playing Card Company”

    1. look at all the little bitches crying over this, yet they supported Nintedo sueing people holding a Pokemon party with a $2 door fee. it hurts when it is happening to you, doesn’t it?

      1. TeeYousAColdMackPlayaNyouKnowDat

        My thoughts exactly! I’m a fan of nintendo(though not much as of late) but these Reggie cum guzzlers are unbelievable! Nintendo NEEDS to pay when they are wrong and or fuck up! Zero excuses!

        I’m ALWAYS for the little guy, when it is right!

        I supported Nintendo suing all those plagiarizing faggots using their ips because they were in the right! But Nintendo is full of shit and should also be called out on on all their bullshit!

        Sue these motherfuckers, fuck them for going mobile and not supporting their real fans with actual console games! Fuck that (metroid) federation fiasco also!

        1. You can’t sue someone for just using a word. If I made a game called “Mister Bingo Shuffle”, people can’t do shit about me using shuffle in the title – it’s literally a word in the dictionary, and I’m not copying their title just by using a single word.

          So, that’s a COMPLETE different situation. Holding a Pokemon party and CHARGING for it, aka making a PROFIT off of a trademarked property, is quite a different situation! Dumbass. Use some fucking logic.

        2. There’s a difference, retard, “shuffle” is a fucking word you can find in the dictionary, it’s not a copyright-able product, it’s not something you can choose belongs to you; and if these idiots think that Pokemon of all things is actively using the name of their brand to market itself they’re delusional beyond belief; what’s next? Sony getting sued for using the word Planet on LBP? Microsoft getting sued for using the word Box on their console names? Wake the fuck up and smell the vanity lawsuit.
          I’ll admit that the party thing was petty and should have been left alone, but it is also a flagrant violation of copyright laws, you can’t use a registered product to make money, the case was legitimate, it wasn’t about a word, it was about a product and a likeness being used for profit.

        3. You’re dumb as hell… Who’s gonna sue someone for using the word shuffle in their game and stop complaining about metriod federation.. The shit talking about that metriod game is over already and you’re still bringing it up..

        4. I’d be on your side… if this wasn’t over a fucking word that everyone & their mother can say. This is King’s “trademarking one single word by itself” bullshit & I won’t stand for it. Shuffle & King both can belly up & die.

      2. You can’t file claims against the word “Shuffle”. You’d have to be a complete idiot to think you have the rights over an out of brand word that anyone can use. It basically means stop being a baby about it, or be fucking original with your names.

        1. Also, note that Bethesda once tried to file claims against a game Notch made simply because it was called “Scrolls”. Don’t be petty.

          1. did you know that bubble wrap, dumpster, taser, fiberglass, hula hoop, jeep, jet ski, lava lamp, popsicle, realtor, super glue, and super heroes (<— seriously) are all trademarked? in other words, go fuck yourself!

            Nintendo is being petty by suing some people for holding a $2 dollar Pokemon party. take your medicine bitch

            1. There’s a difference between using a common word and a made up name that the company developed, they have no argument, with pokemon you can clearly say that they used the pokemon brand to gain more interest in the party so they can make more money, which does break copy right laws and does give the pokemon company the right to sue, even if it sounds stupid

                1. You can, actually…. I’ve had that happen to me once, because of a common noun. If you prove that your product is totally different from their product, then you should be able to keep the name. But it can be costly.

                1. it’s been out for like a year on the 3ds, the clearly are making a fuss because people went to it, not because shuffle is in the name, but because it’s pokemon and it’s something new

                1. Well to be fair, the game could be perceived as a Pokemon edition of their ‘Shuffle” title, hence the lawsuit.

                  However, the whole “This word belongs to us!” thing these companies are pulling is ridiculous! If this continues, by 2050 games will have to be composed of random strings of letters and numbers – That is, if ti doesn’t look vaguely like one that’s already been taken.

              1. Cartamundi: “Wow! How could a console game developer just up and steal a title of a game from us!”

                Pokemon Company: “Wait, don’t you have Disney characters in your game’s preview pictures?”

                Cartamundi: “Uhh, yeah! But we totally got the rights to those…”

                Pokemon Company: “Suuuure…”

                  1. They’re the biggest old fashioned card making company in at least Europe, and they recently bought the factory’s from Hasbro so they’re making monopoly etc to now so they’re actually pretty big… They’re also from my home country Belgium, and recently also started making mobile ish stuff. But nothing big, because I didn’t even know they already released stuff/had trademarks…

                1. You don’t own normal words stupid fuckers. They are obviously just jealous everybody will turn to Pokémon instead.

                2. WHEN(no ifs about it) this ‘lawsuit’ gets thrown out for no merit, I will be laughing like a Mighteyna.

                3. Common words like “Shuffle” should not be possible to trademark. It’s dumb, we all know it is, and yet the courts have to play along with it.

                4. this is the type of news My Nintendo News relishes. Anything to benifiet Nintendo , such as Fatal Frame’s release date or other games announced which they still haven’t reported yet all other Ninsites have. Instead they focus on what can create backlash and have the Nintendo haters have a field day on an unmoderated comments section.

                    1. They can’t own the title “Shuffle”, especially since the games hold no resemblance to each other. Worth noting is there is a game called Sonic Shuffle, which existed long before smart phones were even a thing.

                      1. I think that mobile company King, tried something similar. With trying to trademark Candy and Saga. Not sure if they were successful though. But I hope they weren’t, because it’s stupid. Surely you can’t trademark everyday words like ‘Candy’ and in this case, ‘Shuffle.’

                      2. Hilarious
                        If anything they are profiting from this as people looking for shuffle in their phones might find their crappy game
                        Now you know why nintendo is extra careful with protecting themselves againts sue happy idiots
                        There are tons of people just waiting to sue anyone

                      3. Comment: “Hi I am Shuffle!”

                        Client: “I SUE YOU FOR USING THE WORD SHUFFLE!”

                        Comment: “WTF… Uh, shuffle is a word you kno?”

                        Client: “Dont lie to me! Only I can use this term bish.”

                        Comment: “NUH I AHEV TEH RGHIT 2 SYA MAI FEERDOM!”

                        *Client got sued by shuffle*

                      4. Cartamundi have a compelling case, they can trademark certain words for specific purposes.
                        They have the word Shuffle trademarked regarding physical and mobile games.
                        As they have been around for over 40 years, and have licensing agreements with big companies, they are a legit company. They have also registered “shuffle” a few years ago, while Nintendo is just applying now. It looks pretty cut and dry here, Nintendo will either have to change the name, or payout some kind of settlement.

                        1. I just want to add, Nintendo sat on their asses for so long waiting to get into mobile games, other companies are years ahead. Cartamundi was simply a few years ahead of Nintendo in the mobile games department.

                          1. But the Pokemon Company made this mobile game… Anyways, Shuffle is a word in the Dictionary, so everyone should be allowed to use it. And you don’t see Nintendo suing people for using the words Super, Legend, Galaxy, all-stars (Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario All-Stars).

                        2. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                          >>>If they make their claims validated, then the empire can destroy the other imbeciles as well for destroying our agenda>>>

                        3. It seems Cartamundi has filed to trademark “Shuffle” and Nintendo has filed to trademark “Pokemon Shuffle.” Cartamundi’s application predates Nintendo’s but the words have differences. Nintendo’s lawyers are gods when it comes to dealing with these notes of opposition and the far worse. This is like when Nintendo destroyed DirecTV when the latter opposed Nintendo using the “The 101” in “The Wonderful 101.”

                          1. For sure, Nintendo have a great legal team. Not sure what kind of legal team Cartamundi have, but if they have a nominally competent legal team they should be able to win, or at least make it more costly to Nintendo to settle, rather than litigate.
                            However, I believe the major part of the lawsuit is a motion to deny the trademark of Pokemon Shuffle to Nintendo in regards to mobile apps.

                          2. They might not be great at marketing (but lately we have seen major improvements, especially in America), but they are very good in court. But I think that Nintendo is not directly implied in this process, since it is the Pokemon Company. But I would say that Cartamundi will lose, because Shuffle is a word in the dictionary and it describes the idea of the game.

                        4. Exactly. With all the intelligent aforementioned comments theres really nothing else to say on the topic. Seems like a waste of time sueing a company over a popular dictionary found word though.

                          1. There is no lawsuit. No one is suing anyone. They filed an opposition with the trademark office, it’s a totally different thing.

                        5. So, shouldn’t they be sued by Magma Mobile for using the word “Shuffle” for an electronic game? Magma Mobile has a game app on android titled “Shuffle” and so are many other app makers on mobile. Would they go after these companies as well?

                          This is because Nintendo is a big company and if they win this, their company will have a big bonus. This is just another company off for big bucks.

                          And if Nintendo or the Pokemon Co. is really that bad, did you trolls even realize apps using the word “Pokemon” are available in the App Store even if it is trademarked or copyrighted?

                        6. It is quite possible that the Patent office will allow both trademarks to go forward, both Shuffle and Pokemon Shuffle. Who knows, they could deny them both too! Trademark law is a good deal stranger than copyright law.

                          1. Hopefully when Nintendo crushes these motherfuckers for trying that bullshit. When that happens, let this be a lesson to Blizzard & King in the future when they foolishly think they have even a snowball’s chance in Hell of beating Nintendo.

                        7. The author of these piece has done the readers a disservice by referring to it as a lawsuit. They’re not suing. They’ve simply filed an opposition with the patent office. The patent office is not a court of law.

                        8. When Nintendo skull fucks Cartamundi for thinking they can sue Nintendo over one little word, let it be a lesson to anyone, like King, in thinking they can sue a big company like Nintendo over one little word.

                          Get ready, King. Your days of bullying people in the mobile market ends today. This is the only good I can see coming from Nintendo going mobile: crushing the fucking tyrants that have been running rough shot with bullying small mobile development teams that can barely pay the expenses of making a game, much less a legal battle of something as ridiculous as using the word saga or candy.

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