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The YouTube Stars Super Mario Maker Levels Are Now Up

You may have read yesterday that Nintendo has gathered together a bunch of popular YouTubers and given them the task to create the ultimate level in Super Mario Maker. Well, those five levels are now live and you can vote for which one takes your fancy. There are levels designed by the likes of iJustine and the Game Theorists. The winners are the ones that receive the most likes on their video. Oh, and if you haven’t done so already be sure to check out our review.


33 thoughts on “The YouTube Stars Super Mario Maker Levels Are Now Up”

  1. Jeez, ok I get it, iJustine appeals more to normies than she does gamers. Nintendo knows that, that’s why she’s in this and other promo stuff, to get more casual gamers into Nintendo.

    But holy crap, that’s no reason for people to mindlessly hate on her just because she’s “a fake gamer” or “not a real gamer”, that’s a borderline retarded argument. If anything it just adds more coal to the burning idea that gamers are a bunch of enraged nerds.

    I’m probably voting for iJustine or Jirard’s stages, they looked the most fun.

      1. Yes. Yes my comment is real. Any other observations or are you just using those 3 words to counter my argument?
        Gotta stay cool for the cool kidz today y’know, you scamps like that sorta thing.

        1. “She’s not a real gamer!!!” Good, who cares. She’s a good looking girl and she can get away with anything.

          1. TeeYousAColdMackPlayaNYouKnowDat

            Damn, my dude! And you were one of those neutrals…can’t believe you let these fakes invade our hobby and in turn, cause what Nintendo has become…because of bitches like that view whore, we have NO Zelda, No Metroid, No real Mario, no Paper Mario!

            I’m a gamer because it is something that is fun and challenging, it isn’t my life like those manchildren, but at some point you gotta draw the line! Enough is enough, casuals like gamer whores fucked up the formula…

            Real gamers unite! For the record, there IS a brotherhood….little kids don’t understand because they weren’t there for the beginning of it! ANYONE way over thirty knows how to spot the flawed ones…but right now, there’s more superficial than real and that’s what the public sees..

            Lucky I’m in-between…I see through the bullshit and I call on it!

            “Good looking girl and get away with anything”
            Proved my point to a T!

            Get these fakes the fuck out of my hobby!

        2. IWuzUnderEstimatedBEEOTCH

          When I hear the username ijustine, the words “generic stupid bitch” seem to almost follow immediately after…in my head of course…

          1. TeeYousAColdMackPlayaNYouKnowDat

            Modest Venture, you’re alright!

            I have a question here…and it applies to the 3 brands.

            How come whenever you see a commercial for any video game console or video games, the actors portraying “gamers” don’t look like what gamers look like???
            There is no denying, gamers have a unique look to them, at least the majority do…you’ve seen cons and other gaming related events…they’re straight up geeks, ugly at that, male and female…no offense because this is the point I’m wanting to make. I’m no model myself but I’m not a walking gamer cliche.

            I mean, just look at all the “e famous” neckbeards, you never see any neckbeard starring in video game commercials…I know WHY they do it, I’m just asking or wondering why gamers allow this to happen. You’re being represented by these homosexuals in purple chinos or tight jeans, lumberjack shirts and having a super social life! When we all know that is not the case! Granted some real gamers do look like what I described, but they are in the minority…

            Thatonevidogamer, boogie, review tech, nintendan, Nintendomination guy, the list goes on…never do you see some out of shape blob in those commercials, and YES, these are the MAJORITY that make up the gamer scene..

            That’s why you get tramps like this Justine slut and your Jessica chobots and others who take these positions and are elevated in the industry for their standard woman look just because they stand out a bit in this scene…these blobs are responsible for the success of these woman who the n thank them by going and dating some pretty boy gamer who are in the super minority…

            If you’re an ugly neck beard, just hear me out, don’t support these trifling bitches, please don’t do it, I spew a lot of bullshit every now and then, but these sluts are taking your money and would never EVER ask for you. Your money is better spent on actual women who can actually excite you and who’s whole purpose is to do so…don’t fantasize about these “pretty gamer girls” they love pretty boys, and you guys fund them to do it.

            That last rant is mainly because I know some “e famous” blonde whore who has a patreon and is dating some pretty boy gamer. And when you look at her patreons, it’s those ugly neck beard rejects I talk about…they don’t know that she has a boyfriend, she never posts pictures of the, together because of course it would work against her…but with just a tiny bit of sleuthing, the bitch is can easily be outed…


        3. iJustine is a vapid, stupid bitch. So are her viewers. Same with all of these ‘Stars’
          They make me fucking sick. Especially Matt ‘cow’ Patt. I’d rather smear my balls in fish paste and dip them in a tank of piranhas than watch any of these fuckwits.

        4. Every one of you should be ashamed of yourselves for these comments your writing. Ok, so Justine isn’t your typical basement dwelling, fat, long haired, greasy, zit faced gamer who live their lives at GameStop. She’s a successful YouTuber who has accomplished so much with her career. I’ve read her book. She started as a broke college kid and made a success doing what she loves. She plays games for the fun of it, a casual gamer. She’s the kind of gamer that loves Nintendo. If you haven’t realized by now Nintendo isn’t in the market for hardcore gamers. You all call her a “fake gamer” but you know what, she’s taken all of that hate and turned it around and made a name for herself. She is not a “bitch”, she is not a “slut” and she is not a “whore” or whatever else you choose to call her from behind your keyboards. She is a wonderful person who has fun just being herself and none of you have any right to judge her.

          1. TeeYousAColdMackPlayaNYouKnowDat

            Anonymous dimwit, next time post a direct reply defending that piece of shit view whore Justine…you’re part of the problem, stupid fuck…feeding that tramps ego for absolute no reason.

            Me, I take offense because my fellow gamers are being deceived by some average looking pseudo blonde…half the fault does lie on them for being blind, but these basement dwellers/my people are far in too deep to realize this. As was mentioned, no zit face basement dwelling whale here, but those are my comrades and they deserve better!

            Real gamers unite, fake fucks go choke on something unpleasant!

            1. Ok you have anger issues that you need to sort out. You should talk to someone and get out of your dark basement more often. You belittle people to feed your ego and feel better about yourself. Because you know “your people” as you call them, are seen as “losers”. Go do something meaningful with your life, and don’t waste it in front of a screen.

              1. TeeYousAColdMackPlayaNYouKnowDat

                Blinded moron! You’re just as pathetic as the majority of the world, lack the proper intellect to address the faults that exist and are persistent within this flawed system. You protect and treasure a being that has no effect on you because you let yourself get enamored by her deceiving efforts.

                I belittle others and I am proud of it because I am in the RIGHT! Cheap little pawns like yourself take things for face value and live in a giant fairy tale where only “good” exists…I’m here to balance that contorted belief! People like this Justine are in it to exploit morons like you, and you volunteer to accept this as being normal! It is NOT normal, your brain is rot! And you feel you’re better than my comrades, those ugly basement dwellers because you attacked their lifestyle! While their lifestyle is unappealing, they are true gamers! And I call it like I see it, a neck beard whale in a basement, which is a fact, I don’t make fun of them for it!

                Useless soul, you’ve just been schooled…the real losers are not my people; it’s naive, uneducated suckers like you…call Justine out on a date…see how your little slut “hero” replies…

                I’m done with you, dimwit!

                1. I sense a strong mental disorder in this self-proclaimed “gamer”. And that’s more of a fact than my personal opinion.

                2. Just wanted to commend you for standing up and saying something. Anybody who loves games is a gamer in my opinion, full stop. These six people all seem really nice, and I wouldn’t mind going out for a beer with any of them. They all seemed to be having great time, and I found the series of videos entertaining. I actually think Nintendo scored big with this one, marketing wise. My only gripe is that they didn’t include Andre from Black Nerd Comedy as he’s a total Nintendophile with a popular youtube channel. And I agree, real men don’t call women “slut” or “bitch”, ever, and the gaming community needs to rise above this misogynistic bullshit once and for all. I actually subscribe to MatPat’s channel, and I think he’s legit. Just because he’s got other talents and actual social skills doesn’t mean he’s not a core gamer. Once again, thanks for taking a stand. I’m hopelessly addicted to this site, and it’s a breath of fresh air to find people like you commenting.

                  1. IWuzUnderEstimatedBEEOTCH

                    You look like and act like a faggot, therefore any opinion you have is invalid. You’re another of those typical government raised brain dead zombies who doesn’t question the system…

                    Retarded twit, next time as was posted to that other loser, make a direct reply if you are to address one of my elite posts…fag, I never write to you and or anything signifying that I am addressing your sorry carcass, so don’t do so with me!

                    A real man calls a bitch a bitch, genuine women aren’t bitches, know the differences, fag boy…

                    “She’s such a cutie”
                    Another stupid fuck more worried about a sluts appearance than the actual garbage content she’s putting out…yeah, you’re a real man, alright, pansie!

                    I’m sure she has a date set up for your white knighting ass just cuz you wrote that outdated, never gonna happen, fantasy cuckoo land “real men don’t call women slut or bitch, ever, the gaming community needs to rise above this mysoganistic” Yadda yadda yadda

                    Another dumbass who just proved my point about these view starving whores…

                    “Breath of fresh air” if you want faggots who blow one another off 24/7 in comment sections, you would fit in perfectly at nintendolife…censored site for homos…eat shit!

                    1. I checked out Strawburry17’s channel and couldn’t find anything to do with gaming, Lol. Whatever. She’s such a cutie. As an aside, I think I own that shirt…weird.

                      1. Lol, those videos were fun. I gotta say, if MMaker were $40 like Wario World, ot whatever it was called…I’d snag it right away.

                        I think I’ve said, I do plan on picking this up as my last, last Mario game, but $60…IDK.

                        That first video, A Game Theory, that was CLEVER. I loved it. Anyway. Looks fun-ish. But not $60 fun. Not yet anyway.

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