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Freedom Planet Should Come To Wii U This Month

It’s hard to know when Freedom Planet is going to come to the Wii U eShop as it has unfortunately been delayed a few times. Stevie DiDuro, who is one of the developers behind the game, has stated on Twitter that the well-received 2D platformer should arrive on the console sometime later this month, which can only be good news. In the meantime you can indulge yourself in the PC version.

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Thanks, MasterPikachu6



      1. Only not in the look or character design part because Sonic and crew fit the Sonic games. These look like rejected idea’s for a all female cast of Sonic.


      2. Only a fandork would desperately call Lilac a “reject design”. About 50% of Sonic’s 25 years of franchise is nothing but reject designs gone wrong. XP

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    1. Because it was bugged! Galaxytrail states that on Twitter, he said that if you’re playing adventure mode, the game will be bugged, and your Wii u would crash.


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