Video: Zelda Gerudo Valley In Unreal 4 Engine

CryZENx simply can’t get enough of recreating classic Nintendo games using the state of the art Unreal Engine 4. This time around he has once again revisited The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo 64, specifically Gerudo Valley. As you can see from the video it all looks rather sumptuous and is especially good for a fan-made attempt.


    1. Wii.* Fixed it for you. If the Wii had been an HD console & wasn’t named wii & didn’t force motion controls, the Wii U wouldn’t be in the position it’s in right now. In fact, we’d be having a completely different console altogether.


      1. It’s not that it shouldn’t have been named Wii though. That’s not really the problem. It’s the console’s reputation that made the name get made fun of. People viewed it as a console for casuals and kids, so when the name is brought up, people laughed.


      2. Of course not. The terrible reputation the Wii gained gave people even more of a reason to laugh at the name & console. But nowadays, that laughing at the name has turned into seething hatred.


  1. I always laugh when I saw these “Unreal Engine Remakes”, they are ridiculously fulfilled of nostalgia, they have a soundtrack to touch your feelings but is nothing more than a cringeworthy remix. But only, only to say, “NINTENDO DONT LOOK THIS GOOD LOL” when this is just a lifeless demo.


      1. The funny thing is that he assumed I was bad mouthing Nintendo just because I was in defense of another fan-made project, and was in disagreement of Nintendo’s decisions regarding things like this.
        This is nothing more than just general creativity from fans.
        No one is doing damage to anything, so I never really understand why some people get overly sensitive with stuff like this.

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  2. No,no,no! It looks fine from a pure graphics standpoint, but that artsyle for zelda? Nope, get it out of here! It looks like you dropped link off into some weird western movie, what the heck! This looks nothing like Zelda, especially not Oot! What will he do next, remake WW in a COD environment?!


    1. If Zelda, like Metroid, always stuck to one, specific artstyle, I’d agree with you. But Zelda doesn’t so I very strongly disagree.


      1. If Zelda always stuck to one, specific artstyle like Metroid does, I’d agree with you.* Fixed. WordPress, we need an edit button! ASAP!!


      2. Meh. It’s fine either way. I just prefer the second way I worded it. Less confusing for the less bright people that came here that have terrible reading comprehension like… No. I won’t name any names. *cough*PeridotGem*cough*


      3. I worded my comment wrong. Its not necessarily that its a Zelda game, but that its Oot. Especially if your not gonna change any of the character models its just weird. Also the heatwaves are way too pronounced, i cant hardly see.


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