The Legend Of Zelda: Symphony Of The Goddesses Introduces Wind Waker Baton For Pre-Order

The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of The Goddesses tour has announced the release of the magical Wind Waker baton seen in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, and used by the conductor on the Symphony tour. The magical baton was given to Link in The Wind Waker by the King of Red Lions, and was originally used by the King of Hyrule to conduct the sages.

Wind_waker_baton.png“The Wind Waker Baton is one of the most magical tools we have in our arsenal at Zelda Symphony and it helps elevate our performance at each show,” said Jason Michael Paul, President of Jason Michael Paul Productions, Inc, the company producing the concert tour. “I’m glad that fans can now take home and experience a piece of this musical Zelda magic for themselves, and can’t wait to see what they create with this powerful baton.”

The item is available to pre-order for $40.00 and the expected delivery is for June this year. The website also states it ships internationally to “just about every country in the world”, but it will cost slightly more for shipping if you’re outside of the US. You can pre-order the Wind Waker baton here, or you can purchase one at any upcoming Zelda Symphony show. The tour has also just recently had more new dates added, you can check out more information for the additional shows here.

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    1. It almost had me… til I read the description & found out it’s nothing but a nice looking stick. No thanks.

    1. I think it is one of the coolest Zelda items. But yeah. It’s not worth 40 bucks if it doesn’t light up or anything.

  1. It’s worth maybe 20 bucks at most. If it was made of wood and came in a nice box then sure, 40 bucks. But this thing looks like cheap plastic in a cheaper blister pack lol

    1. Yeah. It would have to be made like the Wands they sell for Harry Potter replicas. In a nice box like you said.
      I was tempted, but no.

    1. Make lightsaber noise’s* *

      Knowing the quality of Dollar Store items. That wand would say something like, “there’s a snake in my boot!” Or make “Pew! Pew!” Laser sounds.

  2. I just commented on NintendoLife. I wrote that the 3DS can kiss my ass because it was treated as Nintendo’s crown jewel while the Wii U was treated like its bastard red-headed step-child. They censored ass to butt and the whole step-child part to rusty rock. Rusty rock? The fuck? I’m guessing that is a British phrase. Either way, that is pathetic censorship. Out of all the bad words out there, what I wrote is extremely mild. I’m never commenting on that lame site again.

  3. Who ever says they are tempted to buy this shit must be an idiot. This shit looks like something you find in the dollar store with a fake Nintendo lego on the item, and bootleg packaging from the company. This shit is not 40 dollars. With the state that Nintendo is in with their video game drought, its clear they will do anything for a buck to keep them afloat until they drop NX. Unless you think a Robot Kirby, Sticker of Color Mario and a Robot, fake ass Metroid will save Nintendo.

  4. 40 bucks? *checks the description* No lighting up? No cool sounds it makes if you put a battery in it? Nothing!? Well I WAS going to get this but 40 bucks for a nice looking stick? Drop the price to 10-15 bucks & get rid of S&H & then I’ll buy it. Otherwise, fuck you!

    1. Oh & that Wingcrest Logo Tee they got on the page to buy? Fuck that, too. I got something similar to that at JC Penney for under 10 bucks! At JC fucking Penney, for fuck sakes! One of the most expensive places to buy fucking clothes!

  5. This is like one of those boring lightsaber toys that doesn’t light up but has that entire cup over cup thing going for it. I didn’t buy any of those & they were way cheaper than this if I recall correctly.

    1. “This just in. This was not Nintendo’s idea. It was all the Symphony of the Goddesses idea, so if you hate it, blame them instead.” Wait. That sounds familiar. Oh yeah! Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE’s censoring was all Atlus’ idea, not Nintendo’s! *rolls eyes* I guess the censoring in Bravely Default & Bravely Second was all Square Enix’s fault. I guess the censoring in XCX was MonolithSoft’s doing. I guess the censoring of Fire Emblem Awakening & Fates was all Intelligent Systems idea. We’ve been so wrong about Nintendo. They aren’t the problem! It’s clearly everybody else! Yeah! That’s clearly it because Nintendo NNNNNEEEEVVVEEEERRRRR does anything wrong!… Sorry. I went off on a rant there. @.@

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