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NA: Xenoblade Chronicles Coming To The Wii U eShop Tomorrow

Th Wii title, Xenoblade Chronicles, will be arriving to the North American Wii U eShop tomorrow as a Virtual Console release. This is long awaited for some Xenoblade fans as it was released on the Wii U Virtual Console in Europe last August. It will be available to purchase for $19.99.

Discover expansive environments and deep character customization options as you delve into an epic conflict between the Homs (humans) and Mechons (robots). Explore the game’s unique upgrade system, battle system, and relationship-building system as you fight to change the future with trusty allies and the ancient Monado blade.


46 thoughts on “NA: Xenoblade Chronicles Coming To The Wii U eShop Tomorrow”

  1. Already got the physical Wii copy, for $40 at GameStop no less (had it on sale during a Black Friday a couple years back).

    I’m presently about 80% done with it right now, and it has been a he’ll of a ride so far.

    1. so do i but i got mine on ebay for $55 late 2013, disc itself was in mint condition which is a plus, came with everything (including the reversible cover art) and the case was a bit dirty but barely noticeable. i might double dip just in case my physical copy gives out though i doubt it since i’ve only played it a few times yet i’ve beat the game (though i wanted to 100% but ended up just beating it with few quests i wanted to complete like the replica monado quests).

    2. i got mine when it first came out actually and have never ever had the urge to trade it in just keep replaying it. since i recently got a game pc as well you bet your ass this game was the first game i emulated on the pc to enhance it even more so and playing it again in 1080p with better sound its absolutely amazing. i love this game its so great. i will buy it again on the virtual console as well just to show my appreciation for it. so that would bring my copies to 3

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  3. Nintendo Sub-Commander Cereza

    This is one of the best RPG’s released during the last Decade. If you dont already have it, I would prioritize it immediately. The characters, story and music are unforgettable on the same level as Final Fantasy 7.

      1. Oh & like any great game, it starts off slow. But it’ll pick up once you get to the first major city in the game where you’ll play your very first Blitzball game. I’d say it’ll take about 30 minutes to an hour to get there. Maybe less if you don’t dilly dally.

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        1. lucky bastard lol, i paid $55 on ebay 3yrs ago (on dec of 2013 that is), read my comment on the top to see why it was kinda worth the price. anyways i might double dip as i said earlier but im gonna have to wait maybe a couple months after tokyo mirage sessions #fe special edition arrives in the mail, i might have to buy it on the date i purchased the physical copy of xenoblade.

              1. I’m starting to switch to half physical half digital. All my Wii games are put up until I find a bigger house. All my older consoles are put up until then.

                    1. I got it for full price back when it first released in the US. Worth every penny. Worth it to the point I even got the 3DS port for full price.

                  1. I just commented on NintendoLife. I wrote that the 3DS can kiss my ass because it was treated as Nintendo’s crown jewel while the Wii U was treated like its bastard red-headed step-child. They censored ass to butt and the whole step-child part to rusty rock. Rusty rock? The fuck? I’m guessing that is a British phrase. Either way, that is pathetic censorship. Out of all the bad words out there, what I wrote is extremely mild. I’m never commenting on that lame site again.

                    1. It’s better than Shitverse where they just outright remove your comment/post from public view & also punish you for it if they have to do it a few more times. Speaking of, the minimum number of times you can actually get in trouble before you get banned is bullshit. So fuck Miiverse instead.

                        1. I use it for WWE. I found a nice little group of fellow WWE fans so Miiverse is bearable cuz of that.

                            1. I did hang out with a group of artists in the early days of Miiverse. Til a few either left or did less posting cuz of too many deleted drawings over bullshit reasons because of sexually explicit or some bullshit cuz apparently well endowed girls in bikinis is sexually explicit. Just shows how fucking stupid Nintendo of America is with censoring! Okay. I’m gonna stop cuz thinking of Miiverse is pissing me off even more than I already am.

                          1. TOO LATE!!! Wii U is dead & I got the 3DS port with a music & model library! The only way I’m going back to the original Xenoblade Chronicles on home console is if it gets an HD treatment on NX with the music & model library the 3DS port got added to it. Oh & some awesome cosplay outfits as DLC would really make me happy, too. Oh & better New Game Plus because the original & the 3DS port didn’t even up the levels of the enemies or didn’t even allow us to reset our levels back to 1 while still keeping all of the awesome armor & weapons from our previous playthrough. Every game with New Game Plus should be similar to Bravely Default’s where you can actually decide what carries over to New Game Plus.

                          2. Great for people who didn’t pick it up on N3DS or Wii when it came out. I saw it at GameStop for $40 or so used but already have the N3DS game. VC would be the cheapest way to play this game though.

                              1. Okay, yeah JRPG’s really aren’t my thing. The only one I could get into is Monster Hunter, and that has a lot of action elements. I’m actually not sure if it’s considered a JRPG

                                1. Monster Hunter is its own beast. I’d classify it as an ARPG, since it’s very combat-based despite having some classic RPG characteristics like stats and elemental affinities. I can see why you don’t enjoy Xenoblade if you’re not used to turn-based combat or MMOs.

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