Rumour: Retro Studios NX Game Is New IP Releases 2017

Emily Rogers is back and this time she apparently has a scoop regarding Retro Studios next title. According to Emily the game isn’t Metroid or Donkey Kong Country related and sounds more like a new IP. We found out earlier this week that the NX platform launches on March 2017 and will be unveiled to the public later this year and not at E3 as previously expected.


  1. This makes me more curious to see what they’re up to. I hope it’s better than their previous work since Metroid Prime and DKC Returns didn’t impress me at all.

    1. Those games impressed me. I don’t know what type of games you’re in to but Metroid Prime and DKC Returns are considered as two of the greatest games of the 7th generation but hey to each their own

      1. I don’t like Donkey Kong because of the BS difficulty, and I don’t like Metroid Prime because it’s a first-person game and those make me feel clausterphobic.

        1. -||Primary properties of both franchises, they simply aren’t for you then||-

      2. Returns was really not that great, it was really easy, had boring level design, and just wasn’t as fun as the other DK Country games. Tropical Freeze is amazing though, its like everything Returns was trying to be, but done right, and then 10 times better than that. And its gorgeous!

  2. Ahaha.

    Fans: “We want a new Metroid game!”
    Nintendo: “Here’s……Federation Force!”
    Fans: “….we want a (good) game starring Samus. Give us a new Metroid Prime!”
    Nintendo: “Here’s a game from Retro Studios….that’s not Metroid!”
    Fans: “…………………………………..”

    1. Federation Force is a slap in the face to Metroid fans.

      But I’ll never understand people who think Retro should be the dedicated Metroid dev team. I love Metroid Prime, but I equally love Tropical Freeze (not a huge fan of DKCR because of the controls). With such great dev talent, a new IP sounds like an awesome idea.

      But of course, people whine for new IPs, then when they hear word of it, they suddenly want old IPs. Classic scenario. People don’t know what they want.

      I’m not really directing this at you. I get the point you are making. Just ranting lol. I want a new Metroid as well. I was willing to give FedForce a chance, but it looks so frickin boring.

      1. I don’t think the problem here really is the “new IP” part, the problem is the fact that there hasn’t been a great Metroid game for a long time now and people simply long a new Metroid game. The Metroid games by Retro Studios are considered to be some of the best (if not the best), so it’s natural for people to assume that Retro, if anyone, would work on a new Metroid game. By extension, many people, including me, think, that if Retro isn’t working on a new Metroid game right now, then most likely noone at Nintendo is – or, if anyone is, they have most likely just started. In fact, this was pretty much confirmed by the Metroid Prime producer when Federation Force was announced, it was made rather clear that no Metorid game besides Federation Force was being developed at that time and that he would love to go back to Metroid “some day”. So the problem here really isn’t the fact that Retro are probably doing a new IP, the problem is that we most likely won’t see another Metroid game until a couple of years into the future, if at all.

        1. It’s amazing that I have to correct this statement every time someone mentions Tanabe.
          He didn’t made clear that no Metroid game besides FF is in development. He made clear that no Metroid PRIME is in development. Tanabe doesn’t oversee the whole series, Sakamoto does. I’m not saying a non-Prime game is in development because I personally think that’s not the case, but don’t misinform people.

        2. From the horse’s mouth:
          “I’m the producer of the Metroid Prime series, and [Metroid series co-creator] Yoshio Sakamoto is the one in charge of Metroid itself. I’m not sure when he’s planning on making such an announcement so I can’t speak for him”
          Right in that same interview, literally three questions after “even if we started another Prime game now, it would end on the NX”.

          1. That’s irrelevant, though. Chances are, if another Metroid game besides a Prime game WAS in development, Tanabe would at least know about it, but he didn’t sound like he knew about a Metroid in development, and that’s my whole point.

      2. This is literally only picking out one thing from your comment, but the 3DS version of DKC Returns is a lot better in my opinion (button controls will always be preferred for platforming, imo, even Mario Galaxy manages to mess me up occasionally because of the motion controlls).

  3. If this is true I hope Retro’s new IP is in the realm of a Jet Force Gemini or a Turok like title. New IPs are always welcomed but damn I was hoping for a Metroid title. If it’s confirmed to be true, this news would’ve easily made Nintendo the main attraction at E3 but of course we already know that story

    1. -||Anything as long as it’s not a civilian attractor||-

  4. I don’t care if Retro Studios uses the Samus Engine. I’m looking forward to its new IP on the NX before the end of this year.

  5. Ah, something to get excited about. Hasn’t been many articles to do that on this site as late, sadly (I mainly refer to Nintendo’s plans for E3, or lack thereof, is more like it). As Retro has a proven track record, this should be good.

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