Nintendo Expects NX Sales To Make Up For Reduced Wii U Sales

Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima is extremely confident about Nintendo’s next platform the NX receiving global success. While Kimishima concedes that Wii U sales aren’t suddenly going to turn around, he believes that the NX sales will in fact compensate for the reduced Wii U hardware sales as Nintendo slowly makes the transition to the new platform.

We are predicting about 800,000 Wii U hardware sales in the fiscal year ending March 2017, which is a decrease of about 2.4 million units compared to the previous year. NX and smart device business will be essential to cover this gap, but we also expect download content business to play a role. However, we are planning with the expectation that NX sales will compensate for much of the impact on sales from reduced Wii U hardware sales.




  1. I’m expecting a DLC heavy E3. Hyrule Warriors and FE Fates are a given, but I’m not sure about what other games they could exploit. Common sense tells me Smash and MK8. Sakurai seemed pretty adamant about the game being finished, though, so I’m not expecting it. Don’t really know about MK8.

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      1. -||For us, but the civilian masses think otherwise||-

        -||The NX will decimate this filth however||-

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    1. I bet when the NX comes out the U will get a price drop, so all those people on a budget who could never afford one might finally get it, especially if they can play Zelda U without having to buy the more expensive NX.


  2. we expect this to sell :D

    but… people don’t even know what it is. now if they said we expect Federation force to sell poorly I would say well nintendo you got that right. but with the NX. I don’t see how not nintendo fans would even know about the thing

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  3. Nintendo should tell everyone what nintendo exclusives are going to be released on the NX, because it’s not like they can spoil it by announcing the NX exclusive titles, because they are only on Nintendo, and I don’t want to buy a game on the Wii U if it’s slated for an NX release, like Zelda and Smash Bros! I’m not buying the same game twice, and Nintendo has a habit of not printing enough copies for retail, like StarFox 3d, Icarus Uprising, and Pikimen 3 before it became a Nintendo select! FYI I refuse to go digital only, so don’t say “you can always buy digital”!


  4. Yeah as long as the video game developer is sure Pikmin 4 is still on Wii U. I dont need an NX yet. That is one of the games that will make me buy thr NX. Pikmin. Im a Pikmin fan I love that franchise. Pikmin Pikmin Pikmin!!! I hope Pikmin 5 is in R&D.

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  5. I realize that the NX is knocking at the door, but I still get a sense that Nintendo is intentionally short-changing the Wii U to justify ending its production early. They claim that they won’t discontinue production of the device until 2018, but I can’t see that happening if they are only shipping 800,000 units this year. Are they going to ship 100,000 in 2017?

    I this were Sony, they would release “Pikmin 4” and “Zelda Wii U” this fall and later release “Remasters” of those games on their upcoming system. Nobody is going to argue that Sony is doing bad business (by the Ps4) right now.

    We know so little about the NX at this point, that it’s painfully obvious that Nintendo shouldn’t have mentioned the thing at all last year. There’s no justification.

    The NX was a specter looming over every discussion of the Wii U at a point where it was finally starting to come into its stride. Remember when “Splatoon” was blowing up on the coat tails of a highly-rated 2014 lineup? Imagine how much bigger that bump in sales might have been had the NX not recently been announced. The console was selling despite the fact that some were speculating for a spring 2016 NX release date.

    With an E3 2015 that didn’t scream “The Wii U is dead and buried” to the world, featuring some footage from “Paper Mario Color Splash”, “Pokken Tournament” and the new “Zelda” (maybe even “Twilight Princess HD”), there’s no doubt that the Wii U would have had a more successful year and holiday. Instead, Nintendo announced a new console just before a major release and confirmed our fears of abandonment with an E3 that “focused” on the Wii U’s 2015 lineup.

    Instead of making the best of a bad situation until the proper time to unleash news of a powerful successor – aka E3 2016 – Nintendo threw a series of roadblocks in the way of a system that was just starting to see a little momentum. It almost smacks more of internal politics than of anything else .

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  6. Still waiting for the day that any video game exec says, “We fully expect our new console to fail after three years, at which point we will replace it with another console that will also fail.”

    Nothing against the NX, but even if Kimishima thought it would fail, would we really expect him to say so?

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      1. He said that retrospectively, though, after his comment couldn’t affect the sales of the Wii U, or the investors. I’m saying that nobody (not just him!) would ever shoot themselves in the foot by saying their next product would do poorly, so why should we listen when they say it’ll do well? Just straight-up propaganda.

        Everyone does that, btw, I’m not saying it’s a Nintendo thing at all.


      2. It wasn’t a good comment, sorry. Kimishima acted appropriately, I just think it’s funny (ACTUALLY funny, not weird) when they make super confident predictions about their own product, because we all know they couldn’t possibly say anything else. Wasn’t meant as a dig toward Nintendo or anyone else. I respect you as a commenter and I’d hate for you to think I’m some kind of idiot going forward.


      3. It is propaganda. I’m not gonna argue with you there. But I suppose it’s necessary propaganda.

        I will say this. If anybody ever does introduce a product and says flat out that it’s gonna be a flop, it’ll probably end up being the most successful product of all time.


      4. I remember when I saw a Mindless Self Indulgence CD in the store before anyone knew who they were there was a sticker on the cover that said “BE THE FIRST KID ON YOUR BLOCK TO THROW THIS CD IN THE TRASH!!” or something along those lines, a few years later those guys blew up. Self deprecating humor works in music and comedy but in the video game industry, well… I’d certainly like to see someone try that angle, maybe Sega should give it another go with a new console. I’d love to see a down on his luck, out of work, ready to give up on life Sonic the Depressedhog as a mascot to promote their new bottom grade glitch riddled hardware lol

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  7. With SO many predictions that never come true (from SO many sources), it’s hard to know who to believe anymore. Nintendo claimed great success for the Wii U in the beginning as well. So I just hope that Kimishima is correct on this one. I REALLY want the NX to kick the ass of the competitors. I want to see Nintendo on top again, and for people to stop calling Nintendo a baby company with no games.

    I also hope that the NX has a big hard drive built-in so that we don’t have to go out and buy an additional hard drive. The memory in the Wii U was a freakin’ JOKE!

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  8. Come on, Master Kimishima! Prove to us that Nintendo isn’t beyond hope! Prove to us that Nintendo can be saved! ….please…………….. ;-;

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