Rumour: Sonic Could Be On The Way To LEGO Dimensions

In September last year, a list of “series 2” characters set for LEGO Dimensions was released, but each name had a code name, so there was no confirmation of who these characters actually were. One of the code names was “S1” which started speculation on whether or not this was going to be Sonic.

On Tuesday of this week, LEGO insider CM4Sci commented twice on a EuroBrick post, one stating “Sonic is coming”, and the second stating “I also know for a fact Sonic is in if that confirms anything.. else.” on the same thread.

This information hasn’t been officially confirmed, however Brick Enquirer advised in their original post that “within the LEGO community, CM4Sci’s word is about as good as it comes.”

Only time will tell if Sonic will join the line-up, but we will keep you posted with any official announcements.

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    1. 71242 GB 1
      71243 HP 1
      71244 S1
      71245 AT 1
      71246 AT 2
      71247 HP 2
      71248 MI
      71249 AT 3
      71250 GB 2
      71251 Mr T
      71252 KR
      71253 FB 1
      71254 TTG 1
      71255 TTG 2
      71256 GR 1
      71257 FB 2
      71258 ET 1
      71259 Connectable 1
      71260 Connectable 2
      71261 Connectable 3
      71262 Connectable 4
      71263 Connectable 5

      Expeculation and assumptions just like NX rumours.

  1. Well this’ll be interesting. It would definitely bring a lot more attention to their attempt to lengthen the game’s life without making a new version every year or two like Disney Infinity and Skylanders.

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