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Tetris Is Getting A Live-Action Movie Trilogy

The classic arcade game Tetris is getting a trilogy of live-action movies. The project has a $80 million budget and is being promoted as a sci-fi thriller. It is a China-U.S. co-production under Threshold Global Studios, who will begin filming the first movie in China and other locations in 2017. As for The Tetris Company, the team has been working with them for over a year. The cast will be Chinese, with Bruno Wu and producer Larry Kasanoff as co-producers. Larry Kasanoff was a producer for the Mortal Kombat movie, which released in 1995. Threshold’s own Jimmy Ienner is executive producing with The Tetris Company and Seven Stars.


82 thoughts on “Tetris Is Getting A Live-Action Movie Trilogy”

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    1. *notices the “Are You Afraid of the Dark Part 1” video link* I miss that show from my childhood. Same with Goosebumps. Speaking of Goosebumps, remember when it was scary & not a fucking comedy movie with Jack Black!? *facepalm* I hate Hollywood sometimes!

      1. If people hated Shadow the Hedgehog & Sonic 06, why in the fuck would they even care about a dark and edgy Sonic film, live action or not!? Probably hoping to lure in the people that only watch Sonic X or something similar.

  2. What are they gonna do, have a bunch of people in a Tetris game for 120 minutes??? Oh no, don’t get smashed!
    Wait… what if that’s it? Tetris blocks begin causing mass destruction in the world’s most major cities!

  3. Holy fuck! I just recently made a joke about a Tetris movie in the “Nintendo Is Getting Into The Movie Business” article.

  4. Voice Acting Nintendo Monarch: Lance Bulmer

    after seeing this i almost had asthma attack due to how hilarious this is.

    but the biggest joke is the Ghostbusters all female reboot that had me thinking thank you to the director for shreking a beloved franchise we all grew to love critics are already saying the movie will never beat the true classic ghostbuster team fuck only way i could see it work even a bit is add the woman who played amy in the big bang theory and change some other actors even the effects had more appeal that the actors themselves it shouldn’t be called ghostbusters to me it should be called ” SJW Paranormal Investigators” NOT Ghostbusters

    1. I was looking forward to an all female team of Ghostbusters. Then I saw the type of comedy they are using for said movie. Over the top, physical comedy in Ghostbusters!? FUCK THAT ABOMINATION!!!

      1. Voice Acting Nintendo Monarch: Lance Bulmer

        exactly my point well the over the top comedy is just retarded.

        1. Honestly, Ghostbusters was a pretty serious movie franchise. Least in my opinion. Even when there was physical comedy, it was mild at best.

          1. Voice Acting Nintendo Monarch: Lance Bulmer

            yup, those movie were my childhood and i watched them religiously i even planned a fan version of the movie between my friends

          2. Matter of preference I guess. I know people that think they’re hilarious. It’s a dry humor though. I didn’t really appreciate them for what they were until I watched them as an adult.

            1. Ah. I keep forgetting that’s the word for the comedy style Ghostbusters, and many other comedy movies of the 80s & early 90s, used.

    2. They released a trailed for that Ghostbusters reboot, right? I never watched, but after reading this, I’m glad I didn’t. Nothing can replace the originals… especially Bill Murray’s deadpan humor. You just can’t duplicate that :p

  5. How the heck can a puzzle game about falling blocks be made into a movie, let alone 3 movies? Let me guess……….the blocks are alien invaders. And only the power of Adam Sandler can figure out that to destroy the aliens, he must form a TETRIS out of as many blocks as he possibly can. Ugh!

  6. I hope I can find a video of when Lois laughed at Peter, asking what, as he claimed Dr Hartman raped him. …………. And no such fucking luck! I fucking hate using search engines for something specific.

    1. See, I would actually watch that.

      Not to say I WON’T watch this, because it’s made by the guy who not only thought Foodfight! was a good idea but lost millions of dollars making it

  7. Found out it’s by Threshold “Foodfight” Animation and Larry Kasanoff….

    Let’s hope there’s no “industrial espionage” this time…..

    This is kind of a relief. At least Nintendo isn’t involved.

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