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Super Mario Maker: Over 7.2 Million Courses Have Been Created And Played Over 600 Million Times

Nintendo of America has Tweeted an info-graphic today about the super creative Wii U title, Super Mario Maker. The information reconfirms the fact that 3.5 million units of the game have been sold since launch, and also informs fans that over 7.2 million courses have been created along with them being played an impressive 600 million times. It is also pointed out that if you played every level in Super Mario Maker for 1 minute each, it would take you nearly 14 years to play them all!

Back in February this year, the title surpassed 6 million courses created, along with winning the award for Family Game of The Year at the DICE 2016 awards. The title has also been crowned game of the year for 2015 by Amazon, Gamebeat and Wired.


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15 thoughts on “Super Mario Maker: Over 7.2 Million Courses Have Been Created And Played Over 600 Million Times”

  1. I had tried to write something positive about Mario Maker and its milestones, but I couldn’t. So I gave up.

    The bitterness towards Nintendo has been consuming me.

          1. – No gimmicks, aka controller with buttons and no screen;
            – A true Metroid, a true 3D Mario
            – Sin and Punishment
            – Kid Icarus
            – F-Zero
            – Golden Sun
            – 3rd-party support

  2. And still most levels are crap, thrown together by 2-year-olds in 7 minutes, getting starred by casuals while many levels that took hours upon hours to make and actually took effort to create get played once by some kid who misses the first jump, rage quits it, and the level is never played again, being deleted a mere month later.

    It pisses me off to no end that I’ve sunk so much time into making so many levels and they never get played, or starred, or even completed.

    1. So glad I didn’t buy this game now. What’s the point in a stage creator if all of my stages get deleted because they aren’t popular enough?

        1. Wouldn’t matter, either way. I’ve already unplugged the refurbished Wii U I barely used. I think I’ve effectively buried it. Without the actual act of burying it outside in the ground. lol

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