Rumour: Resident Evil 7 To Be Revealed At E3

Dr. Serkan Toto is reporting that Resident Evil 7 is in development and will be showcased during E3 next month in Los Angeles. The game is apparently being worked on by  Jordan Amaro, a designer who previously worked on Metal Gear Solid V and P. T. at Kojima Productions. Dr. Toto also reports that Resident Evil 7 will take the series back to its roots which sounds exciting. Hopefully it’s one title that will come to the Nintendo NX.

  1. About Resident Evil 7: Yes, it’s in development. The entire game will go back to RE’s horror roots and (essentially) be a clean slate.
  2. They will show it at E3. The RE7 team hired Jordan Amaro, a designer who previously worked on MGS V and P. T. at Kojima Productions. /end

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  1. It’s about damn time. With all the Resident Evil remasters did, you’d think that Capcom is learning to find ways to taking Resident Evil back to its former glory. Have some real horror elements for this game and not depend too much on that Hollywood movie action that made the series decline.


  2. I’m not sure if “returning to it’s roots” is good or bad? Since I didn’t care too much for the first Resident Evil (even though I didn’t play all the way through). But it was mostly the save feature I hated. Having to find ribbons for the typewriter. And I’m not an extreme fan of “scary” games/movies.


  3. I gave up on this franchise a long time ago. I played almost every single game up until 5 and 6. Didn’t play more than 5 minutes of each.

    Oh btw, non Nintendo news, doubt it’s coming to a Nintendo console.


  4. Rumor or not, is it bad that I’m more excited for Resident Evil 7 news than I am Zelda news? :/ I feel like I should cry since Zelda is one of my top 2 favorite Nintendo franchises; Metroid being the other in no particular order. Well if we were getting NX news at E3, I might actually be just as excited for Zelda news as I am Resident Evil 7 news. Wii U? What’s that again? Isn’t that the dying console with the shitty Wii branding?


    1. Oh wait. The Wii brand sold millions last gen so I should give it credit for being the best thing ever. I’ll be sure to put it right next to Call of Duty which also sells millions. Oh that’s right! Sales DO NOT equal quality! Then again, the Wii is a Nintendo product so that’s the exception. Right, fanboys? >.<


    2. Zelda is the best Nintendo franchise. ;) I never really cared much about Metroid though. I don’t know, it just doesn’t seem to keep my interest. I forced myself to play Metroid Prime (I had the trilogy) for several hours. I think I like it more than Super Metroid, but eh. It still didn’t convince me. I definitely want to get into it, but I’m not sure that I can. I avoided Other M after all the reviews and stuff, but I think those were mostly from fans of the older games. I’m still pretty much a newcomer to that franchise, so I think I wouldn’t be bothered as much by it.


  5. It would be nice if Nintendo showed some videos of Pikmin 4 at E3 not just have Zelda playable.

    I want to see some footage at least. Is Olimar back as the main character? Are under ground tunnels back? Are we back to collecting treasures not just food? Cant all this be shown and not playable?


  6. I have a strong feeling it’s true as there have been, all this buzz with Capcom’s Global Offensive market strategy “leak”. They need to make announcements on what we truly want to hear. A return of the old-school formula and some damn footage of the Resident Evil 2 Remake. Considering that they are going to be extending their product development time from this point on. We may get some quality releases featured from this E3!

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  7. I just hope they don’t try to focus on a bunch of different characters like in RE6. You just need one protagonist and a few NPC’s. They need to forget everything they learned from RE6 and just pretend RE4 was the last game in the series. Resident Evil 4-2 is all they need to make, with updated graphics and gameplay. Easy GOTY if they do this. But they won’t… this is Capcom we’re talking about… They will fuck it up somehow


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