Check Out This Awesome Skyward Sword Link Figure

Good Smile Company, who are renowned for making quality figures, has announced that they’re making a new figure based on the Link design from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Siliconera reports that The 1/7 scale PVC figure is about 20cm in height and will be released in November for 15,800 yen. You can pre-order the figure right now or just check out some of the images in the gallery, below.



  1. Still waiting on my Link from Majoras Mask from good smile. Pre ordered from a long time ago. It looks so cool

      1. I miss the protrusions on the shoulder guards. :/ That’s my only issue with the Other M redesign.

        1. Oh & the fact the Gravity Suit doesn’t change the color of the power suit but simply forms an energy shield around the power suit, instead. As cool as it looked, I’d prefer to have the palette swap back. Not like it’d matter if the future of Metroid is to become a FPA, anyway since you’d only see the color or effect in cutscenes.

        2. Honestly, I don’t mind it too much. Besides Echoes/Hunters/Corruption’s varia, my favorite suit is Zero’s power suit due to how sleek it looks. The Smash redesign (close to Other M’s but not quite) happens to be in between them. Only thing I don’t really like is the arm cannon.

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