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Japan: A Shiny Rayquaza Event Has Been Announced

You may recall the news that a Pokemon Center is opening on July 6th in Japan’s Skytree Town in Tokyo. To commemorate the opening of that Pokémon Center, Japanese Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire players can participate in an event where all players who do take part can get a Shiny Rayquaza. The event will occur between Wednesday, July 6th and Sunday, September 4th. As for the Shiny Rayquaza, it will be Level 100 and have the moves Dragon Ascent, Draco Meteor, Fly and Celebrate.



  1. Already gots me a black Rayquaza, but I live in the US, so finally the Japanese can bask in its glory….

    Wish the Pokemon were literally shiny instead of sparkles (when released from pokeball) and a new paint job…

  2. If I could nickname a shiny Rayquaza, I’d definitely want it so the name Sora I gave my regular Rayquaza I caught in Omega Ruby would fit more with Sora’s black, red, & yellow outfit in Kingdom Hearts 2 since shiny Rayquaza is black, red, & yellow.

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